Happy architecture in every project

Keeping pace with the new needs of modern society, Astar has been trying to continue to have unique and exciting "sustainable surprises" for life.

We always want to create for the community a sustainable space with complete quality and amenities, connecting people with the world around them, thereby contributing to helping people increase physical activity and art enjoyment..., and convey messages to build a better society.

Astar và tác phầm Cầu kiều đưa mọi người chạm đến Rừng tràm đẹp nhất Việt Nam
Astar and his work, Cau Kieu, bring everyone to Vietnam's most beautiful Melaleuca Forest.

Therefore, such spaces need to be created by the people here. Today, the architectural and planning circle quickly approach science and technology, creatively applying traditional materials with new technology and exploiting the essence of other countries so that each project is the child of the land where it belongs. An architecture that meets those criteria has never been easy, if not a challenge in each design.

Công trình khách sạn Quốc tế Sao Mai, đường Nguyễn Sinh Sắc, Tp. Sa Đéc - tỉnh Đồng Tháp
Sao Mai International Hotel Project, Nguyen Sinh Sac Street, City. Sa Dec - Dong Thap province.

Astar & the Philosophy of Happy Architecture

Winston Churchill once said: "We shape our buildings, and then our buildings shape us." The risk of modern architecture is creating "machines for living" instead of understanding and applying green, indigenous, sustainable architecture trends... to make living spaces more friendly.

With three pillars, namely Happy Architects, Happy Buildings and Happy Users, Philosophy can only be experienced and drawn from practice, from the process of not simply creating comfortable and functional buildings and spaces, but more importantly, having a vision towards the future of culture and people.

Lam Kinh Resort & Spa nơi hội tụ tinh hoa của vùng đất địa linh nhân kiệt Thọ Xuân - Thanh Hóa
Lam Kinh Resort & Spa - the convergence of the quintessence of the sacred land of Tho Xuan - Thanh Hoa

Feeling and understanding that philosophy and not emotionally following the trend of heavy materials, overusing techniques and repetitive, monotonous, emotionless materials..., Astar people have been many years ahead in the philosophy of "architecture". "Happy Architecture" is shaped in every drawing and design project. They know how to transform themselves into "happy architects" in thinking and practice.

Khu tham quan An Hảo Solar Farm được Astar chuyển hóa trở nên mềm mại
Astar transformed An Hao Solar Farm tourist area into a softer place.

Let's look at the architectural works and design drawings done by Astar for Sao Mai Group and travel companies in An Giang, Dong Thap, Vung Tau, Thanh Hoa and the An Hao Sun Power Plant, Europlast Long An to evaluate the effectiveness and criteria of "happy architecture" seriously.

They all meet the needs of a safe, healthy, comfortable, economically efficient and adequate space for the beneficiary society; those architectural works have been interacting symbiotically with the users and the surrounding environment.

Furthermore, architectural works express their own lives: They have a past (tradition, history) and a sustainable future and are capable of renovation and development according to the user's purposes and new achievements—science and technology, including architectural science. In addition, the project has created and contributed to the rediscovery of indigenous cultural and historical values, enhancement of pride in tradition and improvement of people's knowledge.

Each project alone can inspire and spread, contributing to shaping aesthetics and aesthetic education for the community. The building has self-sustainable internal power: Both connected to the surrounding world, self-reliant, and not "dissolved", it contains the ability to self-protect, with its nuances in the context of the information society in the globalized "flat world".

Trái tim Trà Sư khiến du khách loạn nhịp
Tra Su's heart makes visitors a beat.

A peaceful green Tra Su space; a lovely and majestic An Hao Solar Farm; an endlessly sparkling Lam Kinh Resort & Spa, a small Alpes amusement park at the foot of the majestic Cam Mountain or a quiet but highly dynamic Sao Mai Resort Vung Tau or a heroic and indomitable Tuc Dup..., all have Astar's signature, creating an architectural appearance that is a new "sustainable surprise" and appeal.

It still does not feel out of place after feeling impressed by its modernity, grandeur, eye-catching, and strangeness over time. The simple and exciting beauty of architectural and planning projects undertaken by Astar is increasingly known to users and the community.

Therefore, it is not just a good building; it is a sustainable, happy building with the potential to make those living in those spaces delighted users. Keeping pace with the new needs of modern society, Astar has been trying to continue to have unique and exciting "sustainable surprises" for life.

Celebrating National Day - Satisfied Buffet Tra Su Melaleuca forest
An Hao Solar - "Inner Mongolia" at Thien Cam Son Mountain, An Giang province
Sao Mai Center 2: Unstoppable attraction in Phu My town
Sao Mai Resort - A place to preserve the youth
Sao Mai Resort Vung Tau: Memories of the countryside in the Resort