Sao Mai Resort - A place to preserve the youth

Sao Mai Resort Vung Tau currently has two event centers with a capacity of up to 1,200 guests simultaneously and a vast outdoor party area.

"Bring you back to our adolescence

.... to our first sign of love..."

There was no more wonderful moment when they exchanged wedding rings, kisses, hugs, and smiles. No matter what, no matter how glorious a person's life is, the most desirable thing is still to have a home to return to.

Today, the groom wore an elegant suit, and the bride wore a beautiful wedding dress; the couple held hands and walked up the path to the stage covered with a red carpet full of flowers and lights. Guests clapped and cheered together. The melodious music and the MC's voice all blend into the atmosphere of a hundred years old.

To get to this day, there was a lot of preparation over a long time, but luckily, everything will be okay when many couples have chosen Sao Mai Center to convey their feelings and beliefs—a place to witness their essential moments.

Ngày tình yêu lên ngôi ở hôn trường Sao Mai Center 2
The day love reigns at Sao Mai Center 2 wedding hall.

Pure ice and jade

Sao Mai Resort Vung Tau currently has two event centers with a capacity of up to 1,200 guests simultaneously and a vast outdoor party area. All areas are connected to create a continuous series of halls. Indoor and outdoor, each place has its advantages; depending on preferences and time frame, couples have suitable choices: Sao Mai Center 1, Sao Mai Center 2, or garden.

Most families will prefer Sao Mai Center's space when holding a wedding party because it is discreet but airy and elegant, suitable for local culture. The central area highlights the bride and groom's silhouettes, a gorgeous pure white wedding dress and a smart suit. The auditorium is characterized by a neoclassical design that is popular with many people: white plaster pillars depicting beautiful symmetry or passion-colored ceiling tiles as a background to honor the owner's beauty on a significant day.

Inheriting the quintessence of original classical architecture, the walls and ceilings will have a few random fresco touches that increase sophistication and elegance. In particular, this architecture is only really suitable for neutral paint colors such as light yellow, white, and beige, ultimately meeting all wedding party concepts without worrying about color pickiness. Families can be completely assured of freely raising their ideas so that the care team can prepare as thoroughly as possible.

Một sắc màu hiện đại mạnh mẽ biểu trưng cho uy lực của tình yêu
A modern solid color symbolizing the power of love.

Perfect combination

Even though it is an event center, customers can request all stages related to the event, such as dress rental, makeup, logistics preparation, decoration, music group, and rooms,... the only reason is that it is located within the premises of a 5-star resort, so all elements related to security and service experience are guaranteed to be of uniform and optimal quality. While preparing for the upcoming event, customers' families can free-of-charge stay at the resort to ensure convenience, time, and expense savings.

Glorious symbol, excellent successor

Since officially going into operation at the end of 2022 until more than half of 2023 has passed, Sao Mai Center 1 has served thousands of large and small meals, events, and banquets, with many standards, connecting many parties, different emotional levels, witnessing the golden time of hundreds of couples. Those beautiful memories will be forever and grow each day.

In early August 2023, a new companion - Sao Mai Center 2 was inaugurated, taking part in the journey to conquer happiness. Sao Mai Center 2 brings with her a modern, dynamic beauty and is hoped to be the next trump card of Sao Mai Resort Vung Tau following the success of Sao Mai Center 1.

Sao Mai Resort - A place to preserve the youth
Sao Mai Center 2 - Generous, spacious and busy for the next event.

Gone With the Wind

The chain of Sao Mai Center constantly improves the quality day by day. To do this, the Board of Directors first decided to restructure the young team, with high professional qualifications and especially the management style and ethics.

Sao Mai Resort Vung Tau is always in a new mood because experienced and passionate people step up to lead. The successors will have many new solutions to promote work that enhances the resort brand in general and the Event Center chain beyond Phu My town to reach further.

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