Sao Mai Center 2: Unstoppable attraction in Phu My town

On December 12, 2022, the No.1 event center (Sao Mai Center 1) was inaugurated on the Sao Mai Resort Vung Tau (Sao Mai Group) campus in Phu My town.

Opening at the right time, Sao Mai Center 1 has met the long-standing expectations of local people, businesses, and investors in the industrial park, Cat Lai Thi Vai superport, on a venue to organize suitable events for conferences, seminars, year-end or wedding activities.

Sao Mai Center 2: Unstoppable attraction in Phu My town
The vast Sao Mai Center 2 Auditorium.

Invested in standards, modernity and luxury, Sao Mai Center 1 has a unique position in service quality, with spacious space accommodating up to 600 people. Therefore, it is unsurprising that not long after its opening, Sao Mai Center 1 is full of party bookings, with a continuous and fast frequency.

Sao Mai Resort Vung Tau has realized that expanding the banquet space is necessary and cannot be delayed to plan a long-term strategy. Indeed, after six months of operation, Sao Mai Center 1 quickly reached its limit because the quality of service satisfied all customers' needs, including fastidious customers. Sao Mai Center 2 was rapidly built to meet the over-capacity requests.

Sao Mai Center 2 meets more aesthetic, greener and upscale criteria. So, at the same time, the chain of event centers at Sao Mai Resort Vung Tau has solved the problem of receiving many events simultaneously with an over 1,200-person scale and more customer requests.

Light upgrade

Sao Mai Center 2 is designed with an open space, with interference with the "green substance" of the outside, a vast, shimmering campus with tropical-style modern architecture. This place converges the ideal landscape to organize large-scale events such as seminars, conferences, weddings and art performances in an innovative, comfortable and not-too-fussy style.

To ensure maximum flexibility and comfort, Sao Mai Center 2 has separated the kitchen area, food and beverage lanes from the reception auditorium. This allows the client not to feel "bounded" in terms of space or scheduling conflicts.

Sao Mai Center 2: Unstoppable attraction in Phu My town

Modern beauty

Sao Mai Center 2: Unstoppable attraction in Phu My town
Sức hút không thể cản đến từ Sao Mai Center 2

Contrary to the elegant oldest sister Sao Mai Center 1, the younger brother Sao Mai Center 2 pursues a modern and youthful style, excluding complex construction details and emphasizing contemporary life's beauty and maximizing space expansion. The soaring ceiling is designed with many stylized panels of wood and passion-colored plaster overlapping each other to form a unique matrix, which diffuses the airflow, creating surround sound that produces a smooth, resonant tone like in a real concert. Both sides of the wall are entirely covered with transparent glass that can change to many colors at different times of the day. At the foot is a long flower bed with two rows of carefully trimmed, thick-leaved ornamental trees covering the left and right areas.

Sắc tím thủy chung nơi hôn trường Sao Mai Center
Faithful purple color at Sao Mai Center wedding hall.

Promising resonance

Sao Mai Center 2's appearance marks a growth step, a leap forward, and affirms the brand of the eco-resort to become more perfect. The interior architecture of Sao Mai Center 1 & 2, combined with the overall look of the resort, allows each diner to feel the emotions of enjoying the space while attending the event.

It can be seen that both are built to meet the tastes and uses of many customers, supporting resonance and increasing diversity in service styles. Without the impression of the old, there would be no new today. That is why Sao Mai Centers 1 & 2 always attract many customers. Most of the big parties in Phu My are held here at all the best factors: location, scale, expertise, brand...

Sao Mai Center 2: Unstoppable attraction in Phu My town
The Event Center creates a bold impression for Sao Mai Resort Vung Tau.

Everything is a new beginning for Sao Mai Centers 1 and 2; a perfect combination does not disappoint anyone deciphering the psychological concerns when organizing essential events in their life. We have the right to believe in creating a world for ourselves at this four-season green resort.

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