Vietnam Tourism 'hits the finish line', clearly positioning itself in world market

WVR - In 2023, the image of Vietnamese tourism is enhanced, clearly positioned on the world tourism market map with its continuously improved competitiveness.
Bình Liêu: Vùng đất được thiên nhiên ưu ái

In the last months of the year, many localities announced early "finishing touches” to their goal of welcoming tourists. Image of 'dinosaur spine' in Binh Lieu, Quang Ninh. (Photo: Hung Trang)

An impressive harvest

According to data from the National Tourism Administration, this year, the total number of international tourists coming to Vietnam is estimated to reach 12.5 million, far exceeding the number set at the beginning of the year of 8 million and reaching the adjusted target in October which was 12.5-13 million.

The number of domestic tourists is estimated at 108 million, exceeding 5.8% of the plan at the beginning of the year. Total tourism revenue is estimated at VND 672,000 billion, exceeding 3.38% of the plan and equal to 93% compared to 2019 (the time before the Covid-19 pandemic broke out).

In the last months of the year, many localities announced early "finishing touches” to their goal of welcoming tourists. For example, in Lao Cai, after 10 months, this province welcomed 6.5 million visitors, equal to 108% of the year's plan, an increase of 66% over the same period in 2022.

Also during this time, Sa Pa entered the top 50 most beautiful small towns in the world voted by an American magazine and has always been the leading locality in tourism growth in the Northern mountainous region as well as eight expanded Northwest province region.

Before the end of the year, Quang Ninh - one of the leading tourist destinations in the Northern region - also reached the goal of welcoming 15 million visitors, including over 2 million international visitors. The growth figure has exceeded that of 2022 by about 43% and brought over VND 32,000 billion in revenue to the budget.

Similarly, in 2023, Da Nang welcomes 7.39 million visitors even though it has not yet "closed the ledger”, which shows an increase of 2 folds compared to 2022 and reaching 92% compared to 2019.

Thua Thien Hue province also recorded very good recovery and growth, with the total number of visitors to this locality reaching 2.1 million, an increase of 12% compared to 2022. In particular, tourism revenue is estimated to reach VND 4,585 billion, increased by 186.6% over the same period.

Mr. Pham Van Thuy, Deputy Director of the Vietnam National Tourism Administration said that the image of Vietnamese tourism has been enhanced and positioned more clearly on the world tourism market map this year. The competitiveness of Vietnamese tourism continues to improve.

"At the 2023 World Tourism Awards ceremony, Vietnam was honored as the Leading Heritage Destination. Many Vietnamese cities and businesses received awards in other prestigious categories," Mr. Thuy emphasized.

"Decoding" the reasons why Vietnamese tourism reaps impressive results, Vietnam Report Joint Stock Company (Vietnam Report) believes that the open visa policy is one of the reasons. During the last recent 3 months, foreign visitors to Vietnam have been continuously increasing.

The domestic tourism market also appears to be no less competitive when revenue from accommodation and food services in the past 11 months is estimated at VND 616,000 billion. Travel tourism revenue is estimated at VND 34,000 billion, upward 50.5% over the same period last year.

Ranked by an American magazine, SaPa is in the top 50 most beautiful small towns in the world. (Source: Traveloka)
Ranked by an American magazine, SaPa is in the top 50 most beautiful small towns in the world. (Source: Traveloka)

Tourism is expected to make further breakthroughs

Besides the achievements, the National Tourism Administration also realized that in the past year there were still certain drawbacks for the industry. Specifically, the management still has some limitations in legal documents regulating the industry; the mechanism to attract investment in developing high-quality tourism infrastructure has not been well attended; tourism promotion and advertising are still constrained.

The Vietnam National Tourism Administration reveals that in the coming time, it will focus on the implementation of 7 key task groups in Resolution No. 82/NQ-CP of the Government on promoting the fast and sustainable recovery and development of tourism.

At the same time, the Tourism Administration is planned to carry out comprehensive and effective coordination. In particular, it promotes the steering role of the national tourism agency, the locomotive role, leading role of major tourism centers (Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho, Quang Ninh, Ninh Binh, Thua Thien Hue, Khanh Hoa...) to form a linkage of regions, driving forces for tourism growth (Hanoi - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh; Hanoi - Northern mountainous provinces; Hanoi with Central provinces, Hue - Da Nang; Khanh Hoa - Ninh Thuan - Lam Dong, Ho Chi Minh City and adjoining areas; Can Tho - Ca Mau - Kien Giang)...

At the same time, the agemcy also constantly improves the effectiveness of tourism promotion and advertising activities; to build effective tourism promotion models and methods, breakthrough public-private cooperation with a long-term vision.

Mr. Vu The Binh, Chairman of the Vietnam Tourism Association, expects that in 2024, Vietnamese tourism will continue to make a breakthrough. The Association calls on the tourism business community to make efforts and strive towards the goal of completely restoring tourism activities on all criteria, which were already achieved in 2019.

"Tourism businesses are determined to attract and serve over 20 million international visitors to Vietnam, turning Vietnam into a country with highly developed tourism in the region," Mr. Vu The Binh emphasized.

The Association will continue to propose and recommend to State agencies at the Central and local levels to resolve difficulties and problems of tourism businesses in the process of implementing Resolution 82/CP of the Government; promote tourism and advertising activities; building new tourism products; innovate and improve the quality of tourism services; organize training courses, training and fostering tourism skills; continue to effectively implement the project "Reducing plastic waste in tourism business activities" and international cooperation activities.

With the participation of State agencies and the business community, Vietnamese tourism in 2024 is believed to "regain what was lost" due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and tourism will grow and make new breakthroughs.

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