‘Awakening’ potential of Vietnam localities by applying ASEAN tourism standards

WVR - Applying the ASEAN tourism standards would guarantee the quality and safety of Vietnam’s tourism and bring better experience to customers.
‘Awakening’ potential of Vietnam localities by applying ASEAN tourism standards
ASEAN standards tourism set require-ments on management, energy consumption reduction, sustainably using of re-sources and effectively treating wastes, etc. (Photo: Ethnic Newspaper)

ASEAN member countries has built the tourism standards to standardize tourism services and define a common framework of criteria. From there, countries in the region have unified implementation to improve quality and build ASEAN as a quality destination.

Accordingly, tourism service businesses need to meet 8 standards including: green hotels, homestays, community tourism, sustainable tourism products, venue for MICE organization (a type of tourism that combines business activities such as meetings, conferences, incentives, and events with travel), clean tourism city, public toilets and spa services.

Quality and safety guarantees

Deputy Executive Director of the Tourism Information Center (Vietnam National Tourism Administration) Hoang Quoc Hoa said that ASEAN tourism standards define a framework of criteria, standards, requirements and assessment guidelines to help agencies review and standardize service quality and management efficiency on par with the region.

In particular, establishments meeting those conditions and standards would have the opportunities on registering of joining in ASEAN Tourism Awards - a prestigious award in the region to honor excellent units in the tourism industry, held annually at the ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF).

Hoa further shared that digital transformation is identified as a national goal and focused on promoting in all industries and socio-economic fields.

Vietnam National Tourism Administration has issued an Official Dispatch requesting local tourism management agencies to coordinate in deploying and interconnecting existing systems with the digital platforms of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism such as the various digital platform services "Du lịch Việt Nam - Vietnam Travel".

“Digital platform named ‘Managements and businesses on tourism’; electronic ticket system; smart travel card; communication channels on digital platforms, etc. are among core products developed by the Viet Nam National Authority of Tourism to implement the Digital Tourism Development Plan for the period 2021-2025; at the same time, create a synchronous, unified and effective connection of tourism digital transformation activities nationwide", Hoa emphasized.

Deputy Director of Hochiminh ciy Tourism Department Bui Thi Ngoc Hieu commented that applying ASEAN tour-ism standards will ensure quality and safety so that tourists have a better travel experience.

“For businesses, when applying the ASEAN tourism Standards in designs; building the products and services would create the quality tourism environment and contribute the prestige to Hochiminh city as a reliable tourism destination.

ASEAN tourism standards set requirements for management, reduction of energy consumption, sustainable use of natural resources and effective waste treatment... Complying with this standard, Vietnam in general, and Ho Chi Minh city in particular, can maintain a harmonious balance between tourism development and environmental protection; and adapting to climate change", Ms. Bui Thi Ngoc Hieu emphasized.

Towards to sustainable development

Ms. Bui Thi Niem, Director of Department of Culture – Sports – Tourism of Hoa Binh province shared that tourism in Hoa Binh has been “awakening”, focusing on efficiency and sustainability by promoting the natural and cultural potential. Community tourism has created sustainable livelihoods for people, becoming a strength in attracting domestic and international tourists to Hoa Binh.

She further told that tourism industry in Hoa Binh province had determined to improve the quality of products and services as a prerequisite role and fundamental solution contributing to promoting tourism growth.

Vietnam tourism is expected to become a spearhead economic sector by 2030. (Source: Indochina Tours Asia)
Vietnam tourism is expected to become a spearhead economic sector by 2030. (Source: Indochina Tours Asia)

"Every year, recipients of the ASEAN Tourism Awards will have the opportunity to promote their corporate and local brands; at the same time, affirm their professional quality and bring benefits to the community. In that spirit, over the past years, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Hoa Binh has mobilized and guided units and agencies in the area to prepare and submit registration dossiers for a number of award categories.

Accordingly, Hoa Binh tourism industry has achieved prestigious categories in the ASEAN Tourism Awards such as: ASEAN Homestay Award (2017: Homestay Ban Lac); ASEAN Community Tourism Award (2019: Da Bia Village Community Tourism Area, Da Bac).

According to Ms. Nguyen Thanh Binh, Deputy Director of the Hotel Department, Vietnam National Tourism Administration, Vietnam's tourism aims to truly become a key economic sector by 2030, creating a driving force to strongly pro-mote the development of other industries and fields, making an important contribution to forming a modern economic structure.

From there, Vietnamese tourism will develop in a sustainable, inclusive and responsible manner on the basis of green growth, maximizing tourism's contribution to the United Nations' sustainable development goals, proactively adapt to climate change...

Ms. Nguyen Thanh Binh affirmed: "In the coming time, Vietnam's tourism industry will promote the implementation of ASEAN tourism standards, including green hotels, houses with rooms for tourists to rent, community tourism, sustainable tourism products, MICE venues, clean tourism cities, public restrooms, spa services.

All ASEAN tourism standards are aimed at sustainable development, environmental friendliness, and energy saving in the accommodation sector.

In addition, Vietnam's tourism industry promotes participation in the ASEAN Tourism Awards, an annual event to honor localities and units with high quality tourism products and services, contributing to sustainable development of tourist destinations of the ASEAN region".

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