Cultural heritage is a core element in shaping Vietnam tourism brand

WVR - Cultural heritage tourism is identified as a leading product line, whereby cultural heritage is a core component in shaping the Vietnam tourism brand.

On the evening of December 1st, the Tourism Information Center of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism inaugurated the "Program to introduce and display intangible cultural heritage recognized by UNESCO, associated with tourism development in ethnic minority and mountainous areas" at the Cultural and Arts Center (22 Hang Buom, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi).

This activity is part of Project 6 from the National Target Program for Socio-Economic Development in Ethnic Minority and Mountain Areas for 2023, in celebration of Vietnam's Cultural Heritage Day (November 23rd).

Cồng chiêng có mặt trong nhiều hoạt động lễ hội của đồng bào các DTTS Tây Nguyên. (Nguồn:
The Gong is present in many festivities of the ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. (Photo:

At the ceremony, Deputy Director of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism Nguyen Le Phuc stated: "Cultural heritage tourism is identified as a key product line of Vietnam's tourism and is a core component in shaping the Vietnam tourism brand".

In the years of 2019, 2020, and 2022, Vietnam was honored by the World Travel Awards with the title "World's Leading Heritage Destination", reflecting the global prominence and attraction of Vietnam's cultural heritage to the international community.

Through the introduction and exhibition of UNESCO-recognized intangible cultural heritage, associated with tourism development in ethnic minority and mountainous areas, the program is a practical activity that aims to intensify the promotion of unique values of heritage for tourism development.

The Deputy Director of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism emphasized: "By means of this program, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism aspires for regions, tourist destinations, associations, tourism enterprises, travel agencies, and the community to collaboratively contribute to the preservation and promotion of heritage values, thereby enhancing the allure for tourists to visit and immerse in the treasured cultural heritage of our country.”

Dàn chiêng Mường tại Nhà sàn Di sản, Công viên Di sản các nhà khoa học Việt Nam (Nguồn:
The Mường gong ensemble at the Heritage Stilt House, within the Vietnam Scientists Heritage Park. (Photo:

Hoang Quoc Hoa, Director of the Tourism Information Center, informed that the Organizing Committee introduces and displays the heritage of the Central Highlands Gong Cultural Space and the Thai Xoe Dance. These are two distinctive, long-standing, exemplary, and representative heritages of the Central Highlands communities and the Thai ethnic group in the Northwest, among other regions. To organize this program, the Committee closely coordinated with many experts and artisans in culture, heritage, education, tourism, etc., to transmit the prominent values of these two heritage forms. On this occasion, the Tourism Information Center has developed and launched a promotional video clip about these two heritages, seeking to bring the heritage closer to the visitors.

Through the exhibition, the public learns about the stories of these two cultural heritages, currently practiced, preserved and promoted by the community, expressed through the voices of the artisans themselves.

The Organizing Committee wishes to convey a message to tourists: "Let’s go to the Northwest and back to the Central Highlands, joining the community in bringing heritage into tourism." Each visitor interacting directly with the communities and listening to their stories will further appreciate the cultural heritage and join hands in safeguarding and promoting the heritage values of our nation.

The program also features booths showcasing characteristic local products, attractive tourism tours to the vast Northwest and Central Highlands regions, and unique culinary experiences…

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