Preserving Indigenous Genetic Resources Dream of the orchid king

Out of the war memories of a soldier, Mr Kinh cares about the biggest project in his life, which is to preserve the native orchid species - to conserve the beauty of the mountains and forests, as a "gift" to the Motherland - a national asset to be reserved for future generations.

As a veteran returning to civilian life, the "soldier" in him seems unchanged, still very simple, but decisive. Mr. Kinh said that preserving Vietnam's native wild orchids was his passion and his lifelong career.

"Orchid King" named Nguyen Van Kinh

"I want to contribute something to the work of preserving the precious genes of Vietnam's wild orchids. I feel like I was prone to do that, everything just comes naturally, like destiny and I have done more than I ever wanted".

He shared that he initially buried himself in flower growing as a way to repay tribute to the land and the farmers. And now, after about two decades of toiling and moiling, tasting the bitterness and sweetness, he has been fascinated by this quintessence aristocratic flower and has become her "slave" without even realizing it.

Sitting and chatting with "Orchid King" Nguyen Van Kinh - as many people call him, is like a "repository of knowledge" about orchid species, from ancient to modern. Among them, the flower species he is most interested in are native orchids, and are also the flowers he is always concerned about their preservation.

Theo doanh nhân Nguyễn Văn Kính, những cây phong lan 100% “Made in Vietnam” xứng đáng nằm trong danh sách đề cử quà tặng ngoại giao.
Mr Nguyen Van Kinh believes preserving Vietnam's native wild orchids is his passion and lifelong career.

Vietnam has thousands of native orchid varieties, also known as wild orchids. Originating in tropical forests, wild orchids are perennial plants with a durable, long life and beautiful look, bearing attractive fragrances and thus being highly prized. Nathe orchids have a very diverse number of species; some popular species today include Tai Trau (Catasetum), Que Lan Huong (Aerides Odorata), Tam Bao Sac (Aerides falcata), Lan Kieu (Pleione praecox), Phi Diep (Dendrobium anosmum), Đuôi Cáo (Rhynchostylis retusa) colloquially called Foxtail Orchid.

Mr. Kinh said that possessing rare characteristics, native orchids are one of the high-end flower trade lines, and they are loved not only by many countries around the world. Vietnamese people but also by a People are "in love" not only because of the seductive beauty of the flower's color, unique flower shape, and pure scent but also because it takes a lot of care and meticulousness, like taking care of a beautiful princess with a grumpy personality in order for a wild orchids pot to bloom and give off fragrance.

Native orchids are exotic and difficult to pamper. Orchids grow well in humidity but they do not like wetness, always reaching for light sources but are afraid of direct sunlight, and always need nutrients to support growth but an excessive amount will immediately cause disease, the flowers bloom from the stem while seedlings can also grow from the stem. And there are so many other interesting observed descriptions about this mysterious and lovely flower, loved by the "Orchid King".

Garden of Eden" in the heart of the Capital

A person with a simple, rustic, and extremely friendly appearance, but hidden behind them are ideas that few people dare to think about or dare to do. His vision, intelligence, acumen, volition, and pioneering ideas radiate through every story of this special man, truly worthy of the moniker "King" of an extremely unique and luxurious flower.

Not only does he have extensive knowledge about the Imperial ranked flower, but Mr "Orchid King" is also wholeheartedly devoted to preserving, developing, multiplying, and even building a separate "kingdom" for his favorite flower species. In his reflection, "If you want to research native orchids, you have to plant forests to make flowers, build mountains, create artificial caves, and create an environment for wild orchids to grow".

"Vietnam's native Tai Trau (Catasetum), colloquially called Buffalo ear orchid, has been industrially grown by foreign countries and is extremely beautiful. The same goes for Vietnam's Slipper Orchid. Vietnam has thousands of native orchid varieties, I can also dedicate a very large area to collect, cultivate and clone," Mr Kinh said.

It was said and done, and the trillion-dollar businessman excitedly introduced the "big project" in the Dan Phuong district, which will expand to approximately 300 hectares and reach the banks of the Day River. The entire giant population is a complex, including high-tech agriculture and eco-tourism, located right on the cultural-historical road connecting the center of West Lake with Son Tay town.

“Ông Hoàng hoa lan” toàn tâm, toàn ý về bảo tồn, phát triển, nhân rộng và thậm chí là gây dựng lên một “vương quốc” riêng cho loài hoa ông yêu thích.
Nathe orchids have a very diverse number of species; some popular species today include Tai Trau (Catasetum), Que Lan Huong (Aerides Odorata), Tam Bao Sac (Aerides falcata), Lan Kieu (Pleione praecox), Phi Diep (Dendrobium anosmum), Đuôi Cáo (Rhynchostylis retusa) colloquially called Foxtail Orchid.

Along with Asia's largest research and development area and exhibition and trade fair area, Mr Kinh plans to build a bridge connecting the two banks of the Day River, build five large mountains, and plant hundreds of hectares of forest, creating landscapes. Nature is created like a "Garden of Eden" right in the heart of the capital so that sooner, the people of Hanoi will have the opportunity to be bewildered, lost, and temporally forget their daily worries.

The "plan" in the mind of Mr Nguyen Van Kinh - the founder of Toan Cau High-tech Agricultural Investment and Development Joint Stock Company, is that in addition to planting precious tree species in each thematic category, this riverside forest will create biodiversity, the most natural landscape to preserve genetic resources for all rare native orchid varieties of Vietnam. The entire complex of rivers, streams, and forests will soon become green lungs and natural ecological areas in the midst of the capital city, Hanoi, which is busy urbanizing and industrializing.

He revealed that this project with a pioneering idea had attracted the concerns and support of many leaders of the State and Hanoi city because it not only promotes high-tech agriculture but is also associated with tourism, culture, and development, green economy, circular economy in the right direction of growth and development of the country's economy.

The specialty of this person is also a way of doing things "unlike anyone else - investing with his own money, building himself with a plan sketched in his head, and convincing others with actual performances. According to him, you can only convince other people if you really do something, it is with speeches to twist one's tongue and talk."

The businessman asserts that if the project is quickly approved by the competent authorities and Ha Noi City, facilitated and promoted according to the planned plan, the project will surely be completed in a short time. This total investment capital of VND 25-30 trillion Project will be completed and put into operation. However, beyond all the achievements, businessman Nguyen Van Kinh is most excited about his "Toan Cau" Company, which has risen to the top of Vietnam's leading companies in the field of orchid growing. But not just content with that ranking, Mr Kinh's dream is that in the next 5-10 years, Vietnam can compete with the world with its own native orchids and realize the ambition of putting Vietnam on the global orchid map.

"Bringing Vietnamese orchids to America, Europe, and beyond are our big dreams, confidently said businessman Nguyen Van Kinh.

Established in June 2015, after nearly 10 years of operation, Toan Cau Company (Globe JSC has made its brand with certain achievements. The production scale has increased from the initial 5,000 m² greenhouse area to 50,000 m² currently and is expected to be expanded to 100,000 - 120,000 m² by 2025 to ensure supply for the domestic consumption market and export.

Within the next 5 years, Toan CauJSC will become a supplier of high-quality Phalaenopsis orchid seedlings for the entire Vietnamese market and international markets such as Japan, the United States, the European Union, and countries in Southeast Asia. Toan Cau JSC will continue to promote agricultural development with high-tech applications in producing flowers and Phalaenopsis orchid varieties, aiming to turn Phalaenopsis orchids into one of the sustainable agricultural high-priced products serving domestic consumption and export.

Currently, Toan Cau JSC is in the process of completing and putting into operation the largest tissue culture workshop in Vietnam, with an area of over 5,000m² and an expected output of approximately 10 million seedlings per year.

Toan Cau JSC is equipped with the most modern machinery system imported from Taiwan (China). The raw materials supplies for farming and tissue culture are 100% imported from the United States, Chile, and Taiwan (China) according to strict standards to ensure the highest quality output of seedlings.

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