Engraving Vietnam's name on the global orchid map

WVR - Dreaming of bringing "Made in Vietnam" orchids to the global orchid stage, businessman Nguyen Van Kinh created the architecture of native orchids and made them into beautiful, symbolic gifts for international friends.

Few people would expect that "orchid king" Nguyen Van Kinh, founder of Global Investment Development High Technology JSC. (Toan Cau Jsc.), is especially interested in his country's foreign affairs events. When Vietnam was preparing to organize the ASEAN Future Forum, Mr. Kinh confided that he looked forward to this event because as far as he knew, the 2024 ASEAN Future Forum would be an opening event for other ASEAN forums that will be held annually in the near future.

From the perspective of a seasoned international businessman, an event in Vietnam is the best opportunity to advertise the country's most unique products. Mr. Kinh hoped that one day, he would have the opportunity to introduce native orchid varieties, created and Cultivated by Vietnamese, to International friends.

From "a magical weapon"

According to Mr. Kinh, a gift is an indispensable part of diplomatic relations. Gifting international friends is an important way for the host to express their attitudes and feelings, while gifts also serve diplomatic and cultural messages. A meaningful gift, carrying the right message, will serve as a highly effective tool for foreign policy.

Even though he is an "outsider" to the field of foreign policy Mr. Kinh has spent years doing business and interacting with many international partners. He believes that, in the period of Doi Moi and international integration, diplomacy has come to the forefront, leading, playing a pioneering role, paving the way and promoting cooperative relations with countries and territories around the globe.

At this time, diplomatic gifts become indispensable, "a magical weapon, creating lasting, beautiful impressions, Carrying a sincere message from the giver, a meaningful gift can contribute significantly to a strong relationship in the future, with long-term cooperation and new successes.

According to Mr. Kinh, 100% of "Made in Vietnam" orchids deserve to be on the list of nominees for diplomatic gifts. Since ancient times, wild orchids (native orchids) have been considered noble flowers, reserved only for royalty. Notably, Phalaenopsis orchids are rare and possess extraordinary charm. Therefore, they are highly sought after as extremely elegant and precious spiritual gifts.

Engraving Vietnam's name on the global orchid map
Leaders of Toan Cau JSC work with Japanese partners.

... to hi-tech agriculture

In the colorful picture of nature, orchids are revered as the queen of flowers". This flower is not only attractive due to its graceful beauty, elegance, and pure color, but also because of its delicate meanings, captivating people

For Mr. Kinh, it was "fate" that tied orchids to his lite. When his company was clearing land for an urban project, he witnessed the scene of farmers losing their livelihoods without other fertile lands to cultivate crops. Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Cong Tan advised Mr. Kinh: "How about hi-tech agriculture?"

to move toward a highly efficient crop structure.

Analyzing the market, Mr. Kinh said that Phalaenopsis orchids belong to the high-end segments of the flowering market, as they not only possess aesthetic value but also generate high economic value. Currently, they are in high demand globally, with high resale prices and economic profits. Each year, the world consumes about 800 million Phalaenopsis orchids of up to 10 billion USD.

In Vietnam, the demand for new Phalaenopsis orchids is only 20 million USD per year. Yet, such is enough to create a vibrant market of 6,000 billion VND and growing, Currently, Vietnamese farmers and manufacturers can only meet less than 20% of the domestic demand. For years, most Vietnamese businesses and gardeners have relied on experience, and techniques in growing Phalaenopsis orchids and even imported embryos.

Regarding economic efficiency, Phalaenopsis orchids can rank first among hi-tech agriculture products. If each hectare of agricultural land can generate up to an average of 100-150 flowers per year, 1 hectare of land growing Phalaenopsis orchids can provide a net income of 5-10 billion VND per year. However, in spite of such high and stable economic efficiency, growing Phalaenopsis orchids require huge capital and modern technology.

Returning to the story of trillionaire businessman Nguyen Van Kinh, as his eyes filled with pride, he introduced to us his orchid research and development area in Dan Phuong district, Ha Noi, which he considered a model for urban agriculture. The research and development areas are neatly and scientifically planned into complexes. Each area has tissue culture rooms and laboratories with strict hygiene standards. The greenhouse can precisely adjust temperature, light and humidity, where dozens of brightly colored phalaenopsis orchids are grown.

The spacious orchid tissue culture room was constructed like a large research lab. Seedlings must undergo 18 months of cultivation in a greenhouse with standardized care. Mr. Kinh joked: "Trees also need adequate the hi-tech process, lighting for plants must strictly comply with regulations, be it the length or intensity".

However, regardless of its usage of foreign technology, natural farming is adjusted to suit Vietnamese conditions. Thanks to the complete control of temperature, humidity, and light, the company's researchers can now customize Phalaenopsis a highly efficient orchid to produce the right day and the right number of flowers.

"I want this to be a model of hi-tech agriculture, changing the structure of livestock and crops for farmers in accordance with the Government's direction. The company will create tours for farmers to visit and practice". Mr. Kinh shared "Bringing orchids, cultivated by Vietnamese, to the world is our big dream".

Leaders of Toan Cau JSC work with Taiwanese partners.
Leaders of Toan Cau JSC work with Taiwanese partners.

After years of formation and development, Toan Cau Jsc now has the necessary facilities and scientific and technological capacity to produce high-quality orchids, as it mastered the culturing and caring process. Phalaenopsis orchids grown at the company's majestic farm are considered by many to be the "best in Viet Nam", with "better quality than imported orchids.

Currently, Toan Cau is Asia's largest hi-tech orchid-growing model, with modern machinery and equipment. It also can proactively produce high-quality Phalaenopsis orchids in accordance with industrial scale and method, meeting customer needs in terms of quantity quality and flower blooming time.

For nearly 20 years, Mr. Kinh has lived with his passion for cultivating hi-tech orchids as if he was "captivated Capital may serve as a necessary condition, but determination and creativity serve as sufficient conditions for him to keep pushing forward, in order to create "Made in Viet Nam" Phalaenopsis orchids that can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with imported orchids.

Established in June 2015, after nearly 10 years of operation, Toan Cau Company (Toan Cau Jsc.) has made significant achievements. Its scale of production has increased tenfold, from 5.000 m² of glasshouse to 50.000 m² By 2025, the cultivating area is expected to be expanded into 100.000-120.000 m², guaranteeing a stable supply for domestic consumers and global exports.

Currently, Toan Cau Jsc is in the process of completing and commissioning a 5.000 m culturing lab, considered to be the largest in Viet Natti, with the capacity of producing approximately 10 million seedlings per year.

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