Cycling through the forest in Tra Su, An Giang

Good news for the bikers: a new place has been discovered in the southern province of An Giang, where you can ride the beautiful green roads in the melaleuca forest.

The Tra Su eco-tourism area has a variety of bicycle rental services from sports to popular bikes with various designs and colors. The new service allows visitors both to satisfy their passion and have great experiences at the most beautiful melaleuca forest in Vietnam.

Tra Su has attractive entertainment services such as canoeing, walking through bamboo bridges to discover the forest, fishing, and many others.

Cycling through the forest in Tra Su, An Giang

The resort has just opened a new service - cycling through the forest to help tourists enjoy the peaceful beauty of Tra Su forest as well as exercise to fit the healthy trend that has become popular in Vietnam.

Cycling through the forest with the faint fragrance of melaleuca and enjoying the cool breeze, visitors will have a chance to return to nature. Riding on the bumpy dirt road into the primeval forest, bicyclists will enjoy the fresh air and the "harmony" of the bird choir.

The peaceful beauty of Tra Su forest
The peaceful beauty of Tra Su forest

Sometimes, they will pass through twists and turns, which can make the journey more interesting. Along the way, they can see thousands of white storks nesting on the treetops along the roadside and the mesmerizing dances of the flock of birds.

Deeper into the forest, it will be a completely different world, because this place does not have much light, as it is covered by the huge canopy of melaleuca. The atmosphere is like a scene from a film with you as the main character.

Cycling through the forest, visitors can have close contact with rare species of storks
Cycling through the forest, visitors can have close contact with rare species of storks.

Melaleuca trees cross each other, creating fancy shapes. You just need to pose and adjust for the light, and it will look like a mysterious place full of magic.

Checking in at Tra Su
Checking in at Tra Su.

Do not forget to check the fancy miniatures: the canary garden, orchid garden, bougainvillea roads. Dishes to be sampled include wild vegetables, grilled snakehead fish, pangasius fish sauce hot pot, and drinks from palm trees...

The tasty food of Tra Su
The tasty food of Tra Su

Leaving behind the noise of the bustling urban spaces, visitors will not hear car horns blaring in your ears. You will be immersed in nature, inhaling the fragrance of flowers. You can see mountains and rivers, and have a chance to slow down and recover your energy after busy days of making a living.

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