Congratulations extended to Khmer community on Sene Dolta festival

On October 10, the Party Committee and People’s Committee of the Mekong Delta province of Soc Trang organised 15 delegations to visit policy beneficiary families, Heroic Vietnamese Mothers, Heroes of the People’s Armed Forces, and retired officials from the Khmer ethnic group, as well as Buddhist dignitaries in some Khmer pagodas on the occasion of Sene Dolta festival.
Congratulations extended to Khmer community on Sene Dolta festival
Congratulations extended to Khmer community on Sene Dolta festival: A delegation of Soc Trang authorities present gifts to dignitaries of O Chum Pagoda in Nga Nam township on the occasion of Sene Dolta festival. (Photo: VNA)

Sene Dolta, which is celebrated from the 30th of the eighth lunar month to the second of the ninth lunar month each year (October 13-15 this year), is one of the most important religious festivals for Khmer ethnic people, along with Chol Chnam Thmay (New Year) and Ooc Oom Bok to thank the Moon for a good harvest.

During the event, people gather to pay homage to their ancestors and enjoy traditional singing and dancing after a year of hard work.

A delegation led by Secretary of the Soc Trang Party Committee Lam Van Man paid a visit to dignitaries of Bang Cro Chap Thmay pagoda in Tan Hung commune of Long Phu district and Patriotic Clergy Solidarity Association of Long Phu, and dignitaries of Kos Tung pagoda in An Thanh 2 commune, Cu Lao Dung district.

The official said that thanks to the solidarity and determination of the whole political system, people and businesses, the local socio-economic situation has been continuously improved, with ensured political security, social order and safety and locals' improved living conditions.

He expressed his hope that dignitaries of Khmer pagodas and Khmer people in Long Phu and Cu Lao Dung districts will continue to strengthen the great national solidarity bloc, while joining hands with the provincial Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee and socio-political associations in developing the homeland.

Meanwhile, a delegation led by Permanent Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Ho Thi Cam Dao visited and extended congratulations to dignitaries at Botum Vong Sa Som Rong pagoda in Soc Trang city as well as the provincial Khmer art troupe.

Dao wished monks and dignitaries of the pagoda as well as Khmer people a peaceful and happy Sene Dota festival.

She praised contributions of members of the Soc Trang Khmer art troupe to preserving and promoting the cultural identity of Khmer people.

Soc Trang is the locality with the largest Khmer community in the country. Over the years, the locality has shown strong performance in boosting the socio-economic development, especially in ethnic minority-inhabited areas.

Venerable Son Phuoc Loi, head of O Chum pagoda in Nga Nam town said that thanks to the great attention from the Party and State, the province has effectively implemented ethnic policies, supporting Khmer people in housing and production, and helping them to join health insurance. As a result, their living conditions have been greatly improved, he said.

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(Source: VNA)