Vietnamese culture promoted at Army Games 2022

The Vietnamese team, along with the 16 other participating teams in the "Army of Culture" competition at Army Games 2022, set up a national pavilion at the House of Friendship at the Alabino training ground in Moscow, Russia, to introduce the Vietnam People’s Army (VPA) as well as the culture, land and people of Vietnam.
At the Vietnamese pavilion. (Photo: VNA)
At the Vietnamese pavilion. (Photo: VNA)

The pavilion also displays photos of the traditional relationship and comprehensive strategic partnership between Vietnam and Russia, especially in politics and national defence.

The 2022 Army Games, held from August 13-27, gathers 270 teams from 37 countries worldwide. Its competitions are being held in Russia and several countries such as Uzbekistan, Armenia and Belarus.

Vietnam also hosts the Games’ competitions in the category of “Emergency Area”.

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(Source: VNA)