Video game helps promote Vietnamese culture, tourism

The video game “Lac Viet phieu luu ky” (Lac Viet Adventures) was selected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a promotional product on digital platforms at the Vietnam Days Abroad 2022 which will respectively take place in Austria, India, and the Republic of Korea in September, November and December this year.
Video game helps promote Vietnamese culture, tourism. (Photo: VNA)
Video game helps promote Vietnamese culture and tourism. (Photo: VNA)

The intellectual product by young people is hoped to attract more tourists, especially foreign, to Vietnam.

Lac Viet Adventures spotlights the uniqueness and beauty of Vietnamese culture through designs inspired by aesthetic elements imbued with the Vietnamese identity.

Component games are connected to one another on the main screen with images of a map of Vietnam and typical locations. Joining the game, players will experience a challenging journey associated with folk games and traditional festivals throughout the northern, central and southern regions.

Each component game also includes a short introduction in English about the value and meaning of each game associated with specific places, contributing to increasing the effectiveness of promoting Vietnamese culture and tourism to international friends.

In the first phase of the project, Lac Viet Adventures at the link only provides five games corresponding to five locations in Vietnam. However, the team planned to develop a game store associated with famous destinations across the country in the future.

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(Source: VNA)