Ready for a long journey

Architecture was indeed the nucleus of the overall activity. Architecture is also the most unmistakable evidence of the era - society. Outstanding architectural works will reflect the socio-economic and cultural-environmental situation in each country in general and each business's core values and vision
Bà Lê Thị Nguyệt Thu - Phó Chủ tịch HĐ Sáng lập & Phát triển Tập đoàn Sao Mai trao giải nhất cho KTS Nguyễn Trọng Nghĩa tại Hội thi thiết kế Bungalow tổ điểm Trà Sư
Ms. Le Thi Nguyet Thu - Vice Chairwoman of the Founding & Development Council of Sao Mai Group, awarded First Prize to Architect Nguyen Trong Nghia at the Tra Su Site Bungalow Design Contest.

For many years, being chosen as a partner in the development path, contributing to the appearance of the Sao Mai Group, the Consultancy & Financial Investment Corporation (ASTAR) is increasingly growing in scale and operational efficiency. Astar is creating a new position to reach out and affirm its brand in the design and architecture industry.

Ready for a long journey
Young architects of Astar Company are honoured.

Astar has breathed life into each project, whether a working building, a high-end urban area, a resort, tourism infrastructure, a restaurant - a hotel or a manufacturing factory... All of them convey humanistic messages, connect with the community, respect nature, inspire creativity and are a place to express emotions to many generations working in the Group.

Astar and his creative passions have no boundaries, guiding the next journey

As modern society continues to develop, springing high buildings demonstrate architecture's particular importance as a relatively straightforward quantitative part, serving as a measure of reflection of the construction planning thinking of each country or locality. From ancient times to the present, architecture has always expressed the power of the executive leadership system anywhere.

Ready for a long journey
Trees are effective air purifiers that Astar applied in the master plan of the Sao Mai industrial cluster.

With such development, "Architectural objects" are gradually diversifying, serving people's increasing needs and comforts. Therefore, a series of buildings were formed to meet different functions. These are placed in plans with increasingly basic professional calculations. Going to the next step, deeper details are the interior and exterior designs that enhance comfort and suit different requirements. It can be said that human society cannot exist and develop without architectural objects that contain and create an interactive environment.

Proving the above arguments, recently, at Sao Mai Vung Tau Resort (Phu My town), Astar stirred visitors' sublime emotions when Sao Mai Center 2 came into operation, continuing the success of Sao Mai Center 1. It is an architectural space that is soft and luxurious but hides a strong and warm flexibility that matches the values and messages that Astar wants to express.

Within the resort's campus, in harmony with calm green nature, Sao Mai Centers 1 & 2 are significant highlights, making the resort more dynamic and, at the same time, increasing efficiency when attracting more customers to book parties and enjoy their vacation.

Ready for a long journey
The colours of love at Sao Mai Center 2 wedding hall.
Ready for a long journey
Astar brings nature into the resort.

Chief Architect's journey of inspiring young architects

Starting from passion and determination to overcome difficulties, as the head of the Group, Mr. Le Thanh Huan has steered Sao Mai into one of the leading corporations today. After the power transfer to the younger generation was completed, Mr. Thuan stepped into a new direction, leading Astra to solid growth.

Few people know that Mr. Le Thanh Tuan, who founded and steered Sao Mai Group to an exceptional position today, is a successful and courageous businessman and an architect with a nearly 40-year-long career. He is the one who gives wings to the dreams of architecture students and young architects through many design projects of diverse scales.

The "architectural profession" has returned better than before. The former captain has become the company's Chief Architect, with nearly 100 architects who always have a burning desire to draw critical projects for the Group. At Astar, under his leadership, the passion of young architects is nurtured and invested in, trained with more scientific and rigorous methods, and ready for the journey to reach further.

Ready for a long journey
Astar sponsors scholarships for students to attract talent.

Astar Company is realizing the dreams of weaving brocade for projects for Sao Mai and many other units. Astar provides an opportunity for students and young architects to demonstrate their talent and continue the challenge of accepting design orders for more complex projects. That new horizon requires constant cultivation in learning, experience and dedication, even though we know that every path to glory is always full of thorns and challenges.

Ready for a long journey
Tra Su bridge on Astar's sketch.
Ready for a long journey
An Hao Solar - "Inner Mongolia" at Thien Cam Son Mountain, An Giang province
Sao Mai Center 2: Unstoppable attraction in Phu My town
Sao Mai Resort - A place to preserve the youth
Sao Mai Resort Vung Tau: Memories of the countryside in the Resort
Happy architecture in every project