Quang Ninh: Dolphins, whales spotted multiple times around Co To island

The waters surrounding Co To island in the northeastern province of Quang Ninh have been frequented by schools of dolphins and whales, capturing the attention of local fishermen and authorities.

Most recently, a resident of Co To island district, while fishing for squid on January 20, recorded footage of a group of around 30 dolphins surfacing in the sea approximately 2-3 km off the coast of the island.

Quang Ninh: Dolphins, whales spotted multiple times around Co To island | Environment | Vietnam+ (VietnamPlus)
Dolphins, whales spotted multiple times around Co To island, Quang Ninh. (Source: VNA)

According to him, the encounter is not uncommon, but usually, only a few dolphins appear. The man said this was the largest group he had ever seen.

In mid-December 2023, during their patrol, local border guard soldiers captured a 35-second clip of a pod of whales appearing southeast of the island, approximately six nautical miles from the coast.

Also last year, a group of 4-5 whales were spotted foraging for food around Co To Island twice in July and September.

In 2022, local fishermen discovered a group of dolphins swimming for several hours near the local Nam Hai beach in November, while a rare sea turtle weighing around 20kg made an appearance at Dong Beach.

For several years, the authorities of the district have been committed to environmental protection, safeguarding forests, natural resources, and marine ecosystems, and actively collecting and processing ocean waste, to make Co To a plastic-free and sustainable tourist destination. Since September 15 last year, the district has prohibited visitors from bringing single-use plastic items.

Thanks to these efforts, the local marine environment has improved, with rare animals such as sea turtles, dolphins, and whales reappearing near the shore after many years of absence and coral reefs beginning to thrive.

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