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TGVN. E-banking, with characteristics such as convenience, can be used anytime or anywhere, safe and secure, easy cash-flow management, etc. is becoming more and more familiar to businesses. This is also a measure of professionalism in the eyes of customers and partners.
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more banks support for enterprisesBanking in the 4.0 revolution

In the past, one of the factors measuring the bank's reputation was the number of customers who transacted at the counter. The more prestigious the bank is, the more customers are at the counter. But with the advent of technology and e-banking, this measure doesn't seem to be accurate.

In recent years, banks have focused on investing in building e-banking as a key service for all types of individual and corporate customers. Economic experts highly appreciate this trend because e-payment is the world’s general trend, and of course Vietnam is no exception. Besides, e-transactions also show the professionalism of businesses to customers.

Enhancing customer services

Ms. Tran Thanh Ha, the Chief accountant of SB Company Limited, said: “Previously, at the end of the month when we had to pay salaries and bonuses for the employees, our accountants had to be available all day at the bank. But now, through online transactions, the procedures are carried out very quickly in just a few minutes ”.

As for Mr. Le Van Long, director of a fruit and vegetable import-export company, e-banking is considered as an "effective assistant" in financial management, helping businesses to transact quickly with customers. "In business, the matter of time must be prioritized, just a little slow, businesses can also lose opportunities," Mr. Long shared.

Friendly using, convenience, safety, time and cost-saving, etc., electronic banking increasingly attracts customers' attention. Only by the end of 2018, the proportion of Vietnamese enterprises using e-banking has increased from 21% in 2015 to 80%, showing the dominant advantage of e-banking. This number is expected to continue to increase rapidly thanks to the active participation of banks. This is also consistent with the government's cashless policy.

more banks support for enterprises

SeANet - new version for institutional customers

Not only providing a "good assistant", recently, some banks also upgraded and added more new features to meet the needs of businesses, at the same time, bring more interesting experiences to customers. For example, SeABank has recently upgraded its e-banking service (SeANet), with the addition of 30 outstanding features, strongly supporting the transaction management of businesses, while reducing the number of less-using features that do not match customers' needs.

A SeABank leader said that the SeANet helps customers maximize convenience while getting access to the system, performing the operations of account management and 24/24 transferring/depositing even anywhere. Each operation only takes 3 seconds, with the processing speed twice as fast as the old version and ability to handle large transactions up to 3,000 transactions/lot.

On the other hand, SeANet also helps customers save costs and easily control account transactions with high security and fluctuations through SMS and email notification services. The good news for businesses also provided by this leader is SeABank also applies the free-of-charge transferring policy on SeANet when customers use Business Combo Account.

Obviously, in the context that online payment is becoming an inevitable trend, the advent of e-banking with the preeminent features is an "effective assistant" to help businesses manage cash flow easily, safely and effectively.

more banks support for enterprises

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more banks support for enterprises

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more banks support for enterprises

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more banks support for enterprises

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