Int'l workshop discusses emerging and re-emerging viral diseases

An international training workshop organised by Military Central Hospital 108 in collaboration with the German Academic Exchange Services (DAAD) themed "Emerging and re-emerging viral diseases" was opened in Hanoi on September 20.
Int'l workshop discusses emerging and re-emerging viral diseases
Professor Le Huu Song, Deputy Director of the 108 Military Central Hospital, speaks at the Int'l workshop on emerging and re-emerging viral diseases on September 20. (Photo: VNA)

Speaking at the event, Professor Le Huu Song, Deputy Director of Military Central Hospital 108 said that the Vietnam-Germany Centre for Medical Research (VGcare) under Medical Central Hospital 108 was one of the successful collaboration models between Vietnam and Germany in science, training and education. VGcare has played a very important role in improving our quality of service, treatment of patients as well as globalisation of our people.

"Thus, this workshop will provide us, especially young scientists, with knowledge for preparing necessary things to protect our people from the next epidemic if happened. It is highly possible to appear after we experienced with COVID-19 pandemic," said Prof. Song.

During the four-day event, international experts from Germany, the Netherlands, France and Congo shared the latest research outcomes and lessons leant in diagnosing and treating emerging and re-emerging viral diseases worldwide.

Experts from Europe, Africa and Vietnam will also discuss various important topics, including early infection management and control, emerging and re-emerging virus prevention and public health responses. They will also share knowledge on diagnosis, treatment and consulting on emerging and re-emerging diseases such as COVID-19, dengue, Japanese hepatitis, monkeypox and ebola.

The workshop is part of the PAN ASEAN Coalition for Epidemic and Outbreak Preparedness (PACE-UP) project that DAAD funded. Established in 2020, the project aims to build a network of cooperation and improve the network's capacity to respond rapidly to dangerous infectious diseases that pose a risk of epidemics and pandemics.

The project focuses on developing doctoral and master training modules, providing training scholarships and training courses, and organising direct training courses, seminars and conferences for project members.

The project has a network of 28 member countries from Europe and Africa and the ASEAN region, including two main members: the Vietnam-Germany Medical Research Centre under Military Central Hospital 108 and Germany's University of Tubingen.

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(Source: VNA)