National Green Brand: Building an eco-friendly brand aligned with sustainable development

WVR - "Greening" isn't just a social responsibility; it's the survival of a business. Therefore, innovating technology in the production process and business management is an essential trend, according to experts.
Những cánh đồng mênh mông của TH với những dàn máy tưới, thu hoạch hiện đại. (Nguồn: Vietnam+)
Other heavy industry enterprises with national branded products have gradually shifted towards green production processes, such as Hoa Sen and Hoa Phat... (Photo: Vietnam+)

Mr. Tran Le Hong, Deputy Director General of the Intellectual Property Office, under Ministry of Science and Technology, expressed this view at the seminar titled "Positioning Vietnam's National Green Brand" which was held recently.

The green brand has become a common trend as consumers increasingly have higher incomes and are more concerned about environmental protection. Consequently, the green brand is gradually becoming a new standard for consumer choices.

This aligns well with Vietnam's development direction, as reflected in the National Strategy for Green Growth for the 2021-2030 period and vision to 2050, approved by the Government in Decision No. 1658/QD-TTg on October 1, 2021.

According to experts, the trend of "greening" in brand building and green growth is not just a necessary choice but also an opportunity for Vietnam to become a pioneering nation in the region and keep pace with the world's development trends.

However, Mr. Tran Le Hong believes that this isn't easy to achieve because it requires comprehensive innovation within businesses, from business management, product development to management of production and sales.

"Successful enterprises are those that continually innovate and move towards green, environmentally friendly production. To meet this, Vietnamese enterprises, including national brands, have continuously innovated, improved product quality, and applied modern and advanced technology.

Many enterprises have made efforts to invest in production, using clean energy, eco-friendly raw materials, supporting social activities... to produce products that ensure “green” and “clean” elements, building an eco-friendly brand closely linked to sustainable development," stated Mr. Tran Le Hong.

Additionally, some enterprises have taken on pioneering roles, especially during challenging economic times. For instance, TH Group with sustainable investment projects from Nghe An, the Central Highlands to various countries like Russia and Australia. Or PTSC with wind power projects laying the groundwork for hydro energy development.

Moreover, other heavy industry enterprises with national branded products have gradually shifted towards green production processes, such as Hoa Sen and Hoa Phat.

From a business perspective, Ms. Hoang Thi Thanh Thuy, Head of the Sustainable Development Project Coordination Committee at TH Group, shared that a national green brand is formed by three elements: brand power, innovative mindset, and pioneering spirit.

According to Ms. Thuy, right from the initial stages of brand building, TH Group has aimed for a green strategy, a circular economy model for sustainable development, consistently shown through green strategies and initiatives. These include reducing carbon emissions, building a system of renewable energy, solar energy on TH Group's farm systems to produce energy and reduce heat absorption for cattle herds.

However, each international market has its stringent criteria. This forces enterprises and Vietnamese national branded businesses to meticulously prepare, integrating sustainable development applications and innovations into all business activities.

She emphasized, "Currently, TH Group has gathered all the necessary factors to become a strong, green national brand, representing Vietnam on the international stage, asserting its position in the international market with reputable, high-quality products."

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