Cooperation with the world's leading partner to enhance cybersecurity in Vietnam

On April 14, 2023, Nessar and Viettel IDC jointly announced the signing of a strategic cooperation contract with FireMon, the world's leading provider of Security Policy Management Solutions, aimed at providing effective security policy management solutions for customers in Vietnam.
Cooperation with FireMon to enhance cybersecurity in Vietnam. (Photo:
Firemon, Nessar and Viettel IDC collaborate to enhance cybersecurity in Vietnam. (Photo:

FireMon is a leading global provider of Security Policy Management solutions, enabling organizations to manage and optimize policies on security devices, thereby enhancing and strengthening their ability to protect their systems against current cybersecurity threats while optimizing system operation personnel with high automation capabilities.

FireMon is an American multinational company headquartered in Lenexa, Kansas. FireMon solutions have helped more than 1,700 organizations around the world gain visibility into and control over their complex network security infrastructures.

Nessar and Viettel IDC will integrate FireMon's solution into their product and service portfolio to provide network device and firewall policy management solutions for organizations and enterprises. The solution will make customers' IT systems more reliable, secure, and scalable, increase system control levels to ensure compliance with ATTT standards, and reduce general risk due to previously unknown factors.

"Currently, organizations often rely on a combination of manual procedures and various tools to manage adding, replacing, and deleting security policies and rules in the Security system. This leads to labor-intensive and highly ineffective security system operations, unnecessary complexity, increased risk of misconfiguration, and creates many vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers," said Mr. Nguyen Thac Nam, CEO of Nessar Vietnam. "With FireMon's solution, we believe that our customers will be able to solve these problems, minimize risks, and improve the security of their systems."

"The collaboration with FireMon and Nessar aims to enhance and diversify Viettel IDC's cybersecurity solutions, in addition to its in-house solutions. With this cooperation, we believe that customers in Vietnam will benefit from breakthrough network security solutions that not only optimize management but also effectively monitor and protect their network systems," shared Mr. Le Xuan Que, Deputy Director of Viettel IDC.

FireMon's solutions help reduce 80% of security policy misconfiguration issues, optimize system operation with 90% automation in policy creation, and decrease 40% of system complexity by eliminating unnecessary policies. With these outstanding capabilities, customers can operate their systems with high efficiency, safety, and cost optimization.

"We are delighted to collaborate with Nessar and Viettel IDC to bring FireMon's 22 years of experience in network security policy management solutions to customers in Vietnam," said Mr. Shikwang (SK) Jang, Asia-Pacific Vice President, FireMon.

(Photo: Bui Thao)
Representatives of Nessar - FireMon - Viettel IDC sign a cooperation agreement to enhance cybersecurity in Vietnam. (Photo: Bui Thao)

"With Nessar and Viettel IDC's experience in information technology and network security solutions, we believe that this collaboration will deliver amazing values to our customers, considerably boosting our capacity to safeguard customers' networks and data in Vietnam. As customers' systems become increasingly large and complex, many administrators encounter misconfigurations in firewalls or other network devices, which may create vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit to infiltrate their systems. This is one of the challenges that the FireMon solution can comprehensively address, alongside others that customers are facing”.

FireMon's solution has been trusted and used by thousands of renowned organizations worldwide, including major customers such as Tesla, Southwest Airlines, FedEx, eBay, Coca-Cola, IBM, Deloitte, Amazon, Nestle, KB Financial Group, Korea Credit Bureau, Shinhan Bank, and more.

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