Businesses, farmers team up for sustainable growth: MARD

The link between enterprises and farmers has helped form large raw material areas of stable and long-term development, according to Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) Nguyen Quoc Tri.
Businesses, farmers team up for sustainable growth: MARD
Businesses, farmers team up for sustainable growth: Illustrative photo. (Source:

Deputy Minister Tri said businesses’ thinking towards sustainable and responsible growth has resulted in such a link.

In 2022, the agricultural sector reeled in over 54 billion USD from the export of agro-forestry-fishery products, affirming its supporting role and contribution to the country’s economic growth and food security.

Notably, many regions across the country have developed small-scale agricultural production models that promote indigenous cultural values and bring high economic gains. Firms in the sector, meanwhile, have focused on the quality of their products meeting requirements of such foreign markets as the US, EU, Republic of Korea, and Japan.

This year, experts anticipated prolonged difficulties facing the sector due to global inflation and stricter market standards. Vietnamese enterprises have been recommended to pay attention to standards, regulations, and intellectual property related to traceability of their goods serving shipments overseas.

In the past, Vietnam mainly exported raw agricultural products, therefore, tremendous room is available for it to work on deep processing and product diversification.

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(Source: VNA)