Vietnam’s agricultural sector posts record high growth in 2022: MARD

On December 30, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development announced that the agricultural sector has achieved all goals set for this year, including a growth rate of 3.36%, a record for many recent years.
Vietnam’s agricultural sector posts record high growth in 2022
Workers process shrimp for export in Coastal Fisheries Development Corporation in Ho Chi Minh City. (Photo: VNA)

Specifically, animal husbandry and cultivation grew 2.88%, fisheries by 2.88%, and forestry 6.13%. Vietnam’s forest coverage reached 42.02% of the country's total area.

More than 73% of communes in the country met the criteria of new-style rural areas.

The export revenues of agro-forestry-fishery products reached a new record of 53.22 billion USD, 9.3% higher than that of 2021, with a trade surplus of over 8.5 billion USD.

Nguyen Van Viet, Director of the Ministry’s Planning Department, said that the production structure of the industry continued to be adjusted more appropriately and effectively in association with the market.

The consumption market of Vietnamese farming products continues to expand in both categories and products. The domestic market has received more attention while the Government and the sector made efforts to promptly remove trade barriers, boosting the exports of agricultural, forestry, and fishery products.

It is forecast that Vietnam’s economy will continue to face difficulties and challenges in 2023 such as inflationary pressure, a sharp increase in production costs, negative impacts of climate change, changes in demand and new consumption patterns, and especially impacts from the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

In 2023, the agriculture sector targets a growth rate of 3% and export revenue of 54 billion USD.

It aims to have 78% of communes and at least 270 districts nationwide recognised as new-style rural areas.

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(Source: VNA)