'Vong tay nuoc My'- Where the young Vietnamese meet in the USA

WVR - It has been a decade since the biggest event of the year by the Association of Vietnamese Students and Professionals in the United States (AVSPUS) was first held to connect and support young Vietnamese people in the USA.
'Vong tay nuoc My'- Where the young Vietnamese meet in the USA
'Vong tay nuoc My'- Where the young Vietnamese meet in the USA: A large number of young people participated VTNM in 2022. (Photo: NV)

Vong tay nuoc My (VTNM) is the annual event held to connect the Vietnamese community in the USA with businesses and employees in the US as well as in Vietnam.This is the biggest event of the year held by AVSPUS with support from businesses, experts and sponsorships.

10 years and beyond

Nguyen Thi Hong Tien, co-Head of Organizing Committee of VTNM said in the past 10 years, the event has attracted not only thousands of Vietnamese students and professionals in the USA but also around the world, and connected with experts, businesses and employees for career opportunities in the US and Viet Nam.

Besides main activities, they also help by donating for the disadvantages. At VTNM 2021, the organizing committee created an auction to donate for orphans in Viet Nam during COVID-19. The auction has attracted 200 people to participate and has raised5000 USD in total.

2022 marked 10 years of VTNM. With the theme “10 years and beyond”, it not only marks 10 years of AVSPUS but also opens a promising new chapter with the collaboration of youthful young Vietnamese students and professionals in the US.

Event was held in Washington D.C, with online and offline activities that have attracted thousands of Vietnamese people living in the US, as well as media and businesses from Vietnam and aboard. The career orientation activity gathers many employers from both US and Vietnam, connects big corporations with young people, brings job opportunities to not only people in the US, but also for those who seek for full-time or part-time job in big cooperation in Vietnam. Many big names were invited such as Kendric Nguyen - CEO of crowdfunding platform Republic, Hien Do- main partner of EY auditing service provider and senior managers of Abbott, Amazon…

Besides that, there were other activities as a guided tour to Washington D.C, a football tournament, as well as a special Gala night.

Nguyen Quoc Dung, Vietnamese Ambassador to the US, said: “VTNM has become a brand. Even in the most difficult times, they still can connect the community and spread it to the world”.

According to AVSPUS President Doan Thi Minh Phuong, there are two factors that helped AVSPUS to persistently develop, that are valuable resources that diplomatic missions, organization and companies inside and outside the US have supported, as well as belief for inheritance from 35.000 Vietnamese young people across the US have followed the event in the past 10 years.

'Vong tay nuoc My'- Where the young Vietnamese meet in the USA
2022 marks a 10-year journey in the development of the VTNM. (Photo: NV)

Empowerment in Unity

This is also the theme of VTNM in 2023, which is held from 18-20/8 in California- one of the largest economic centers of the US with highest GDP among the US states. California is also famous as a tourist destination, with an 800-mile coastline and mountain ranges like the Sierra Nevada, the Central Valley, and the Mojave Desert.

“10 years ago, AVSPUS is one of very few organizations pioneer in supporting and connecting Vietnamese students aboard",Hong Tien said. “Over the past decade, we are more than happy to see more organizations, associations and groups have been established with the same goal. We have been collaborating with many different programs and projects".

Therefore, VTNM this year is looking for collaboration and connection with more organizations, businesses and employers. With the theme of “Empowerment in Unity”, the Organizing Committee is looking for building a network with students, experts and businesses, to support each other and strengthening the community of young Vietnamese people in the USA.

The career conference- the main activity of this year- will focus on supporting young Vietnamese people in the US with knowledge and skill needed in job search and career advancement, in the current fluctuate economic situation.

The conference advances attenders with topic like “Finding job with the application of AI”; “Financial independence for early retirement" and "Effective networking skills".

Besides, We-Connect Fair with the participation of 20 businesses and more than 50 experts from the world's leading corporations such as Google, Meta, Amazon, Tiktok... will help young Vietnamese have the opportunity to meet and receive direct advice as well as well prepare for studying and working.

“For the charity work this year", Hong Tien said. “We have partnered with Rise Against Hunger to bring 10.000 set meals to Vietnam". This is a very meaningful action from Vietnamese people living far away from home.

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