Great value of August Revolution lives forever with the nation

The success of the August Revolution marked a significant milestone in the struggle for national construction and defence.
Nhân dân và lực lượng vũ trang thủ đô Hà Nội mít tinh tại Quảng trường Nhà hát lớn ngày 19/8/1945. (Ảnh tư liệu)
People gather in front of the Hanoi Opera House to celebrate the August Revolution. (Photo: VNA)

The August Revolution is a glorious milestone in Vietnamese history. Seventy-eight years ago, under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam and President Ho Chi Minh, our people simultaneously rose up in the great August Revolution to topple the colonial and feudal regimes, seize power, and establish the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, the first people’s democratic country in Southeast Asia.

The success of the August Revolution marked a significant milestone in the struggle for national construction and defence. Since then, the Vietnamese people have entered a new period of national independence associated with socialism. Our people are the masters of the country, and are united in the shared mission of building and defending the country.

The revolution is also significant as a major international contemporary event which has inspired oppressed peoples of the world to rise up for independence, democracy, and social progress.

The Vietnamese people are forever proud of the achievements of the August Revolution as it is the crystallisation of passionate patriotism, wisdom, and the unwavering spirit of the nation, which has been promoted to new heights under the leadership of the Party and Uncle Ho. The August Revolution has left great values that will exist forever with the nation.

They are the lessons on Party building, mobilising and promoting the great national solidarity bloc to “liberate ourselves with our own strength”, combining national strength with the strength of the time, and evoking the spirit of proactiveness, creativeness, and self-reliance to achieve victory.

Building on such values, the entire Party, people and armed forces have overcome a great deal of difficulties to produce miracles in the struggle to defend and construction the nation, continuing to write golden history pages in the glorious Ho Chi Minh era.

Proud of the August autumn, the heroic tradition, we are forever grateful to the contributions of President Ho Chi Minh and the sacrifices of millions of the country’s sons and daughters.

We are determined to firmly defend the achievements of the revolution and promote historical values in the cause of national construction and defence during the current period. That is defending the ideological foundation of the Party, socialism, the renovation cause and national interests.

This year is a key year in implementing the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress and the 2021-2025 Socio-Economic Development Plan. As such, the entire Party, people, and armed forces are making unabating efforts to quickly remove the difficulties and strive to fulfil the set socio-economic development targets at the highest levels.

All Party members and officials need to actively cultivate themselves to be worthy of their role as the main force in realising the political missions, ensuring the successful implementation of the 13th Party Congress’s resolution. They also have the responsibility to set examples in their daily lives and jobs to help build a comprehensive strong Party.

The country is now in a new development stage, with the spirit of the August Revolution acting as a fire motivating the entire Party, people, and armed forces to overcome all difficulties and challenges and seize every opportunity to achieve even greater victories in the renovation period, thus building a wealthier and more beautiful country with rapid and sustainable development.

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