Vietnam’s 77th National Day celebrated in Cambodia, Brazil

Addressing the ceremony in Cambodia, Cambodian President of the National Assembly Samdech Heng Samrin lauded the nations’ relations and sound collaboration in the past time, particularly in border planning for a shared border of peace, solidarity, cooperation and development.
Vietnam’s National Day celebrated in Cambodia, Brazil (Photo: VNA)
Vietnam’s National Day celebrated in Cambodia, Brazil. (Photo: VNA)

Vietnamese embassies have recently organised ceremonies to mark Vietnam’s 77th National Day (September 2, 1945 – 2022) in Cambodia and Brazil.

The official expressed deep gratitude for Vietnam’s support for Cambodia, especially in helping the nation overthrow the Pol Pot genocidal regime and the country's national recovery, construction and growth.

At the ceremony in Brazil, Deputy Foreign Minister Eduardo Paes Saboia emphasised that his nation and Vietnam have developed a solid relationship.

The official expressed his belief that Brazil’s partnership with ASEAN will pave the way for increased cooperation with Southeast Asia, an important region in today's world, in which Vietnam is playing an important role.

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(Source: VNA)