Vietnamese in Laos proud of homeland’s achievements

Over 49 years since the glorious victory on April 30, 1975 that led to the liberation of the South and the national reunification, Vietnam has obtained outstanding achievements and become a source of pride for all Vietnamese, including those in Laos.
Phi Van Mai, Chairman of the Vietnamese People Association in Oudomxay province of Laos (Photo: VNA)
Phi Van Mai, Chairman of the Vietnamese People Association in Oudomxay province of Laos. (Photo: VNA)

Staying in Laos for more than 10 years, Bui Thi Oanh, who is working for a foreign business in Vientiane, said the stories and lessons about the historic victory 49 years ago that she has learned from former generations, teachers, and the media since she was small are still in her mind today. They help her be further aware of the victory’s significance to the homeland and the value of peace and also nurture her love for Vietnam.

That is also why despite busy work in Laos, she has still tried to arrange a trip together with her family back to the homeland every year.

Sharing with the Vietnam News Agency, Oanh said that returning to Vietnam during the 2024 Lunar New Year festival, aside from the joy of family reunion, she was also happy and proud that the homeland is quickly gaining a facelift with modern infrastructure and industrial parks built everywhere, helping people in her hometown gain not only jobs but also stable income.

She attributed such attainments to the Party and Government’s leader-sighted leadership and people’s unceasing efforts.

Appreciating the Party and State’s attention to overseas Vietnamese (OVs), the expatriate noted that the National Assembly recently adopted the revised Land Law, which permits OVs to buy houses and have house ownership along with land use rights as equally as domestic citizens.

This was an illustration of the Party and State’s consideration of OVs’ opinions during the building of this law, which will encourage OVs to invest in real estate and facilitate a large inflow of money into Vietnam, thus contributing to the country’s socio-economic development, Oanh added.

Lauding the Party and State’s leadership, Phi Van Mai, Chairman of the Vietnamese People Association in Oudomxay province, said from a poor and war-torn country, under the Party’s clear-sighted leadership, 49 years since the national reunification, Vietnam has made new milestones and miracles during national construction, development and defense, particularly in reform and international integration.

He held that the achievements gained during the last 38 years of reforms, especially in terms of economy and external relations, are clear demonstrations of the Party’s judiciousness and creativity in the application of Marxism-Leninism and the Ho Chi Minh ideology on the path to socialism. This has continually promoted the Party’s prestige and leadership over the entire people and army and also serves as a source of reference for underdeveloped countries to adopt the diplomacy of amity, harmony, and cooperation for common development and to develop an independent and self-reliant economy that can make use of both internal and external resources.

Mai expressed his honor to be a Vietnamese national as well as his pride in the country’s significant achievements secured over the past years, considering these as a great source of support for not only himself but also many other OVs in Laos and around the world to keep bringing into play the good values of Vietnamese people, especially the tradition of industriousness, solidarity, and mutual assistance.

He voiced his belief that based on the achievements gained so far, in 2024, the entire Party, people, and army will stay united, maintain a peaceful environment, and make new breakthroughs in socio-economic development to reach national targets and improve all people’s life quality.

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(Source: VNA)