Vietnamese agricultural products leave a lasting impression at Amazing ASEAN Week 2023 in Saudi Arabia

WVR - In an effort to enhance local understanding of the ASEAN community, from September 6th to 12th, as the Chair of the ASEAN Riyadh Committee (ARC), the Vietnamese Embassy in Saudi Arabia, in collaboration with the Lulu hypermarket, organized a promotional week in Riyadh, showcasing products and cuisine from ASEAN countries and a ceremony to announce 200 new products from ASEAN countries. The event is titled "Amazing ASEAN 2023 - Discover the Flavors of Asia".
Vietnamese agricultural products leave a lasting impression at  Amazing ASEAN Week 2023 in Saudi Arabia
Ambassador Dang Xuan Dzung delivered his speech at the event. (Photo: Embassy of Vietnam in Saudi Arabia)

At the opening ceremony, Vietnamese Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Dang Xuan Dung, acting as the ARC Chair, inaugurated the event. Together with Ambassadors from other ASEAN nations, the Ambassador of Djibouti - Head of the diplomatic delegation in Riyadh, and the leader of the Lulu hypermarket in Riyadh, they jointly celebrated the event by cutting a cake to mark the promotion of ASEAN products available at Lulu's stores, one of the largest retail names in the Middle East region.

Vietnam introduced 20 new products to the market during this event, including agricultural produce, rice, fruits, products made from coconut, cashews, seafood, and more. The head of Lulu hypermarket disclosed that the total value of goods imported from Vietnam to their chain in August reached 2.44 million USD.

Following the inauguration, Ambassador Dang Xuan Dung guided the delegation of Ambassadors and guests to visit Vietnam's booth, located at the center of the hypermarket’s entrance.

This year, Vietnamese goods showcased a diverse range, particularly drawing considerable attention to the fruit products. Notably, Vietnamese fruits such as custard apples, sapodilla, and jackfruit were completely sold out shortly after the event's opening.

Vietnamese agricultural products leave a lasting impression at  Amazing ASEAN Week 2023 in Saudi Arabia
Ambassadors and guests visited Vietnam’s booth displayed at the hypermarket. (Photo: Embassy of Vietnam in Saudi Arabia)

Throughout the week-long event, the Vietnamese Embassy maintained a promotional booth showcasing Vietnam's image, culture, and introducing some Vietnamese specialties to the hypermarket customers, including coffee, shrimp chips, and cashews.

Customers who sampled Vietnam's instant coffee were notably impressed; many inquired about where they could regularly purchase Vietnamese coffee.

This marks the third occasion where ASEAN countries have collaborated to organize the Amazing ASEAN week, aiming to promote the image of their countries, culinary culture, and merchandise while fostering business connections and boosting exports from ASEAN countries to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia stands as the largest market within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The country has substantial demand for high-quality agricultural products and food items such as fresh and dried fruits, rice, noodles, cashews, confectionery, chocolates, spices, canned goods, fruit juices, cosmetics, textiles, footwear, medical equipment, and charcoal.

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