Vietnam-Cambodia always have a close relationship: media

Cambodia’s national news agency Agence Kampuchea Press (AKP) and some other press agencies like Kampuchea Thmey Daily, Koh Santepheap Daily have recently run articles spotlighting the long-lasting relations between Vietnam and Cambodia on the occasion of the 57th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic relations (June 24, 1967 - 2024).
Trang chủ của nhật báo Koh Santepheap Daily (Đảo Hòa bình) đăng tải bài viết đề cập đến quan hệ hợp tác toàn diện Campuchia - Việt Nam trong nhiều lĩnh vực, nhất là lĩnh vực chính trị và an ninh (ảnh chụp màn hình). Ảnh: TTXVN phát
An article about Vietnam-Cambodia relations on Koh Santepheap Daily.

On June 20, Kampuchea Thmey Daily ran an article "Cambodia-Vietnam 57 years of good neighbours, long-standing traditional friendship", highlighting that Cambodia and Vietnam are two neighbouring countries in Indochina, in the lower Mekong River region. Both are located in the most important geopolitical positions, the Pacific and Indian Ocean regions.

The two countries always have a close relationship, share and support each other at regional and international forums. They have stood side by sides in the national liberation and unification in the past, as well as the country construction and protection today.

Noting that June 24, 2024 marks the 57th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Cambodia and Vietnam, the article stressed that in the past 57 years, the relations have kept growing despite challenges. The relations have been developing more and more intensively, substantially and effectively in all fields, becoming an invaluable common asset of the two peoples and the two countries.

On June 23, Koh Santepheap newspaper ran an article mentioning the cooperative relationship between the two countries in many fields, especially politics and security.

The article clearly stated that as both Cambodia and Vietnam consider each other one of the top priorities in their respective foreign policy.

Previously, on June 22, the AKP published an article titled "Celebrating 57 years of Cambodia-Vietnam diplomatic relations: New heights of Cambodia-Vietnam political relations". The article provided comprehensively evaluations over the long-standing friendship and cooperation between the two neighbouring countries throughout history. It also introduced and updated new achievements in their relations in specific fields, especially politics.

The two sides affirmed that Cambodia-Vietnam relations are developing well and becoming increasingly deeper, practical and effective in all aspects, becoming a valuable common asset of the two countries' people and the most important factor ensuring their success in national construction and protection, according to the article.

Cambodia's national news agency expressed confidence that the two countries will continue to stand side by side toward the visions that make Cambodia a developed country by 2050, as well as Vietnam a high-income country by 2045.

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(Source: VNA)