The Supreme Patriarch of Myanmar visits Vietnam on Buddha's Birthday in 2024

Recently, the Supreme Patriarch - Dr. Sayadaw Sandimar Bhivamsa - the Great Supreme Compassionate One, the Great Supreme Master of Dharma; together with the Myanmar Sangha visited and congratulated the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha on the occasion of Buddha's birthday Buddha Year 2568 – Solar Calendar 2024.
The Supreme Patriarch of Myanmar visits Vietnam on Buddha's Birthday in 2024

Myanmar Sangha is solemnly welcomed at Quan Su pagoda. (Photo: Vietnam Buddhist Sangha)

In his eighth tenure, from March 9, 2024, Thero Sayadaw Sandimar Bhivamsa was elected Supreme Patriarch of the Myanmar Buddhist Sangha. This is the highest position of the Myanmar Buddhist Sangha recognized by the State.

This visit to Vietnam contains an important meaning, a contribution to strengthening friendly relations, demonstrating the harmonious connection and mutual support of Buddhism in the two countries in particular and the two states in general. Although culturally diverse, both countries have common beliefs in Buddhism and wish to spread the good meaning of Buddhism to everyone.

At the meeting, Venerable Elder Thich Thanh Dung - Deputy Dharma Master of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha expressed heart-felt thanks for the visit on the occasion of Buddha's birthday and also showed his joy and congratulations to the Supreme Patriarch who had just been positioned to the most noble accountability.

On behalf of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha, Venerable Thich Duc Thien respectfully wished the Supreme Patriarch good health and perfect Buddhahood. The Venerable also introduced a few features of Vietnamese Buddhism. In his reflection, Buddhism has been practiced in Vietnam for a long time. Up to now, the country has more than 60,000 monks and nuns, 20,000 temples, 4 Buddhist universities and other Buddhist secondary schools.

The Venerable hoped that in the future, the Buddhism of the two countries would become increasingly connected to develop the bilateral friendship.

The Supreme Patriarch of Myanmar visits Vietnam on Buddha's Birthday in 2024

Printed version of "Lien Hoa Tinh Canh" (Intervened Flower in Serenity) painting signed by artist Kim Duc is offered to the Supreme Patriarch of Myanmar. (Photo: Vietnam Buddhist Sangha)

In response to the solemn welcome of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha, the Supreme Patriarch of Myanmar happily shared the cultural beauty of Theravada Buddhism in his country. His Holiness would like to thank the leadership of the Central Vietnam Buddhist Sangha and respectfully wished the Central Buddhist Parochial Board and the attending venerable dignities good health, satisfaction with Buddhist undertakings to propagate the Buddhist Dharma.

After the ceremony, Buddhist representatives of the two countries presented meaningful reminiscent tokens with joy and warm love for Dharma.

Together with the representative of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha, Supreme Patriarch Sayadaw Sandimar Bhivamsa and the monks participated in paying respects to the Buddha and performing the Buddha bathing ceremony at the main hall of the Three Jewels of Quan Su pagoda.

Previously, on May 15, the delegation of His Holiness the Supreme Patriarch of Myanmar - Dr. Sayadaw Sandimar Bhivamsa - The Noble Great Compassionate One, The Great Supreme Master of Dharma; The seventh Tripitaka Sayadaw Silakkhandha Bhivamsa - One who thoroughly comprehended the Buddha's Tripitaka; Bahdanta Thich Thien Ngoc - Member of the Overseas Dharma Propagation Board of the Central Vietnam Buddhist Sangha, Abbot of Dai Phuoc Pagoda in Myanmar, Dharma Promoter, Head of the Organizing Board; and the monks attended the Buddha's birthday celebration in Phu Tho province.

It is reported that from 1979 until now, the Supreme Patriarch has been the abbot of Min Kyaung Pagoda, Thanlyin District, in Yangon, one of the most famous pagodas in Myanmar. He directly delivered Buddhist sermons on Dharma in elementary, intermediate, advanced classes. And he provided the drill practice for lecturer training (Dhammācariya) for Sàmaịera novice monks and bhikkhu.

The Supreme Patriarch of Myanmar visits Vietnam on Buddha's Birthday in 2024

The Supreme Patriarch of Myanmar studies the original painting "Lien Hoa Tinh Canh" by artist Kim Duc on display at the Buddhist Sangha headquarters. (Photo: Vietnam Buddhist Sangha)

He is acknowledged as a monk who is eager to learn, to participate in teaching and compiling many valuable books. And he contributes to the construction of religious works such as pagodas, stupas, monasteries, etc.

Supreme Patriarch Sayadaw Sandimar Bhivamsa has traveled to various countries to preach and attend important events of Buddhism in conferences, seminars and meetings, to preserve, maintain and promote the practice of Buddhism, spreading the Buddha's teachings both at home and abroad.

In recognition of those contributions, he was awarded many noble titles from Myanmar, India, and Thailand...

Buddhism is the main religion with a long tradition, playing an important role in the cultural history of Myanmar. Currently, more than 92% of Myanmar people believe in this national religion with about 500,000 sangha registered monks and nuns, more than a million temples and many world-famous Buddhist establishments.

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