Elken Vietnam continues to be awarded the 'Golden Product Award for Community Health' in 2024

On May 4th, 2024, Elken International Vietnam, a leading global brand in the health and beauty industry, was honored to once again receive the "2024 Golden Product Award for Community Health" from the Vietnamese Functional Food Association.
Bà Hoàng Ngọc Thúy - Phó Tổng Giám Đốc Elken International Việt Nam nhận giải “Sản Phẩm Vàng vì Sức Khỏe Cộng Cồng’ tại sự kiện.
Ms. Hoang Ngoc Thuy - Deputy General Director of Elken International Vietnam, received the "Golden Product for Community Health" award at the event on May 4th, 2024.

Elken has earned well-deserved recognition for its outstanding achievements in producing and distributing functional food products, which are beneficial for health, along with a commitment to quality, safety, and effectiveness. With nearly 30 years of operation, Elken has solidified its leading position in Malaysia. Elken specializes in various products, from functional foods, cosmetics, and fast-moving consumer goods to household items like Bio Pure water filters.

The “Golden Product for Community Health” Award is a significant annual recognition honoring health-protective food products that positively impact community health care and protection. Elken International Vietnam, once again winning this award, is clear evidence of their unwavering commitment to quality and meaningful mission.

Following its receipt of the Gold Medal for Community Health last year, this year, the MRT ELG6 Colostrum TPBVSK product has surpassed 12 stringent criteria for product quality, environmental friendliness, advanced technology, intellectual property, economic efficiency, and societal contribution, as recognized by the Functional Food Association. It was awarded the prestigious Golden Product Cup for Community Health. This represents an honor for the product and acknowledges the unity and relentless efforts in development, ensuring Elken's commitment to delivering high-quality, safe, and effective products to consumers.

Elken Vietnam continues to be awarded the 'Golden Product Award for Community Health' in 2024

In this award ceremony, LD Venus Gold Nutritional Supplement stands out with its unique design tailored to meet the nutritional needs of women in the community. Meticulous care, from ingredient selection to production processes and quality assurance, has again earned this product high acclaim and the prestigious Gold Medal in the Community Health Gold Product category. This success marks a significant milestone in the product's development journey. It underscores Elken's role as a business entity and a reliable and proud partner in enhancing everyone's quality of life and health.

The representative of Elken International Vietnam expressed joy and pride in receiving this award: “This is not only a solid motivation to continue setting high standards for the quality and reliability of our products, but also a clear recognition of the efforts and dedication of the entire Elken team in delivering the best products to our customers and community.

Elken Vietnam continues to be awarded the 'Golden Product Award for Community Health' in 2024
Ms. Hoang Ngoc Thuy - Deputy General Director of Elken International Vietnam.

From researching and selecting ingredients to production processes and quality assurance, every step in product development is carried out with meticulous care and a high sense of responsibility by Elken. Our relentless commitment is to continue striving and developing, not only to maintain the trust of our customers but also to contribute positively to the health and sustainable development of the community. This also reflects our motto: 'Personal Development for Community Development,' a principle that Elken always strives to uphold to encourage personal growth and contribute to the collective development of the community.”

In the current market scenario fraught with challenges, Elken International Vietnam has solidified its position as a pioneer, consistently demonstrating its reliability and dedication to promoting health and beauty for all. This accolade serves as an achievement and a strong impetus, motivating Elken to innovate and evolve in the future perpetually. We are committed to persistently constructing and offering the utmost superior products and services, catering to the needs of the community and customers who have unwaveringly trusted and accompanied Elken throughout its journey.

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