The captivating beauty of the green paradise 'the 7th art zone'

WVR - Those who have been to Tra Su Melaleuca Forest even once cannot resist the wonderful and lively space of the special-use forest.

The dreamy Melaleuca garden in the world contains majestic natural scenery and extraordinarily refreshing fresh air, bringing you moments of relaxation and heartwarming memories. This place has been an endless source of inspiration for poets, writers, and artists to create famous cinematic works, but it also makes art and our lives more colorful.

The captivating beauty of the green paradise 'the 7th art zone'

Not only attracting visitors by its fresh, natural beauty, Tra Su is also known as the main backdrop for the movie "Southern Forest Land" (Đất rừng Phương Nam) premiering at the end of 2023. After being adapted into a movie TV series in 1995 from the novel of the same name, the work has created a great resonance to this day.

And by the end of 2022, footage of the forest's brilliant landscape was shown to the public nationwide. Many scenes on the forest vegetation in the film are a testament to the perfect beauty of the nature of An Giang in particular and the West in general.

Trà Sư trở thành 1 phim trường hoài cổ gây thương nhớ
Tra Su becomes a nostalgic film studio that causes nostalgia.

The Tra Su scene has been used mainly in many films. It is hoped that the Melaleuca forest will continue to be a creative place for many cinematic works in the future, contributing to promoting the beauty of Vietnam's typical special-use Melaleuca Biosphere Reserve to the world.

Ngỡ ngàng một công viên Kỷ Jura  miền Tây
Marvel at a Western Jurassic Park.

Generously endowed by nature with a diverse ecosystem, this place is an ideal sightseeing stop and the perfect location for many young people to "live virtual" and take pictures of thousands of likes. The stunning beauty is only in pictures, but they are genuine, giving the forest the nickname "paradise of cinema."

Typical works recorded in Giuness, such as The longest bamboo bridge in the forest in Vietnam, and the most beautiful and famous Melaleuca forest in Vietnam, will become the highlights of the development of cinematographic technology to contribute to raising the value and sublimation in the following films.

Whether going in the dry or the floating season, this place is still full of cool breath, bringing many beautiful experiences to visitors. Tra Su carries the image of a pure and magnificent green Vietnam. Vast green patches from millions of tall, luxuriant Melaleuca trees intertwine to cover the sunlight.

The sound of birds - storks and thousands of insects chirping resonate with the sound of the wind. The smell of the earth - water and the melaleuca stem blends throughout the space mixed with a few lines of sweet honey. The panorama seems to take visitors into another faraway and mysterious world.

Tinh khôi hoa tràm Trà Sư.
The essence of Tra Su cajuput flower.

Coming to this place, visitors will enjoy special excursions such as boating through the canals in the heart of the forest, admiring the vast lotus fields, and visiting the miraculous ecological arrays. And "interacting" with hospitable flocks of storks and pigeons, building nests throughout the Melaleuca forest.

If you love unspoiled nature and want to learn about the local culture and history, do not miss the opportunity to explore the Melaleuca forest. This will be a memorable journey in your life. Plan your trip today to enjoy moments of relaxation and immerse yourself in the universal color of "the 7th art zone"

Cảnh sắc đẹp đến nao lòng
The beautiful scene.

Located on the tourist route of Bay Nui, the trip to Tra Su Melaleuca forest can easily be combined with visiting other famous places such as Nui Cam Forest Resort, An Hao solar power attraction, Tuc Dup Hill tourist area, and the mysterious That Son temple complex. All will help you thicken the overwhelming beauty collection in this journey.

The captivating beauty of the green paradise 'the 7th art zone'
Tra Su brand delicacies.

Tra Su exudes the gentle and rustic beauty of the natural scenery, along with the generosity and kindness of the people here that make those who have not visited for a long time will miss it.

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