Tra Su Melaleuca Forest eco-tourism site - colourful natural scenery

As scheduled, the Mekong Delta Tourism Association will survey, vote, recognize, and re-recognize 14 "Outstanding tourist destinations in the Mekong Delta 2023" in 7 provinces and cities every three years. In particular, the Tra Su Melaleuca Forest eco-tourism site (An Giang) was honoured in the Top 10 newly recognized tourist destinations. Perhaps the first impression is a green forest like a "jewel" under the clear sky.
Tra Su - colourful natural scenery
Different types of duckweed cover the lake's surface as if weaving green silk.

Maintain in the top 10 list

In surveying, analyzing, and synthesizing based on separate principles and criteria for each specific item and being selected as standard tourist destinations and areas, the Tourism Association highly appreciates Tra Su Melaleuca Forest's activities of continuously renewing and investing in landscapes and diversifying tourism products.

Tra Su - colourful natural scenery
The boat glides smoothly on the water.

Over the past time, this place has been "scoring" in the eyes of domestic and international tourists and is increasingly attracted by the quality of service and enthusiastic professional staff. This is an opportunity for tourist destinations to compete, catch up with new trends, and build the tourism brand of the Mekong Delta region, both in terms of quantity and quality of tourism products.

The beautiful natural scenery in Tra Su has been an endless inspiration for content creators on Facebook and Tiktok... Moreover, the attraction here awakens new emotions, making many travel lovers' hearts sob at the wonderfully changing natural world.

Colorful nature

Tra Su is peaceful, gentle, and straightforward. The magic here originates from the morning when the dew drops are still writhing on the green carpet of water hyacinth, and the young forest in the distance looms in the misty curtain. The gradually revealed dawn drawing on the pure and romantic Tra Su scene that impacted people's hearts.

Release your soul into the sound of the symphony, the sound of the forest cheering and rustling, swinging through the leaves like a never-ending tune, the chirping of young birds, the sound of the wind blowing melodiously melted into the peaceful space. Sitting on the "three-leaf canoe," gently glide through the vast and tranquil scenery of the great forest, deep into the "Kingdom of Melaleuca."

Tra Su - colourful natural scenery
Beautiful photos attract many visitors.

The local girls row boats to take tourists to visit and stop at "unique - strange" spots to take super pretty photos. The weather is getting increasingly airy daily, the melaleuca leaves spread out to block the sun, and the cool water vapor gives a refreshing feeling below.

Tra Su - colourful natural scenery
The beauty of traditional Khmer culture.

In addition, this place also preserves the unique cultural features and the interfering lifestyle of the two ethnic groups, Kinh and Khmer. Every time tourists come here, especially international guests, they express their satisfaction with the locals' sincerity, hospitality, and friendliness. The travel agency also creates favorable conditions for the coastal communities to participate in tourism, "right people in the right job," depending on the skill level.

Tra Su - colourful natural scenery
Brilliant flower garden.

This approach demonstrates investors' social responsibility while creating jobs for many workers, contributing to income growth, economic improvement, and quality of life.

Thereby transforming Tra Su Melaleuca Forest from where terrestrial and aquatic animals and plants live in harmony, develop sustainably in the wild natural environment, and conserve biodiversity to become an eco-tourism paradise with its beautiful scenery and distinctive features attracting domestic and international tourists.

Tra Su - colourful natural scenery
Tra Su landscape enchants visitors.

The Creator has favored painting a picture of young and green nature and rich products in harmony to promote the potential and inherent strengths in the direction of green and sustainable tourism. Today, tourism has become a breakthrough, planting rice and raising fish are exploited methodically and effectively.

Tra Su Melaleuca forest is expected to maintain its position as a "Outstanding tourist destination in the Mekong Delta," satisfying tourists near and far.

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