Tet wishes of G4 ambassadors, the beauty of labours

Through a short video, ambassadors from the G4 countries (New Zealand, Canada, Norway, and Switzerland) have sent their Tet wishes to Vietnamese people and other foreigners in Vietnam.
Tet wishes of G4 ambassadors, the beauty of labours
G4 ambassadors walked down the street in Hanoi to meet sanitation workers in Tet atmosphere.

Four ambassadors walked down the street in Hanoi to meet sanitation workers and street vendors to thank them for their contributions, as well as to give them lucky money, a custom called li xi in Vietnamese.

"As we get ready to celebrate Tet and the lunar year of the Dragon, we all want a more beautiful, happier and fairer world for ourselves and our children", said Thomas Gass, Ambassador of Switzerland to Vietnam.

Ambassdor Thomas Gass emphasized that the better world that we want will only become a reality if all people, all organizations, and all private enterprises participate in pursuing these goals. "Sustainable Development requires a society where all people can participate in the reflection about what should change, how it should change and how they can contribute", he added.

Meeting Tuyet, a sanitation worker, on a street in Hanoi one day, a few days from the 2024 Lunar New Year festival, Hilde Solbakken, Ambassador of Norway to Vietnam, shared that she was so happy to feel the pride that “Ms. Tuyet is showing in her work".

"Let’s take this occasion to highlight the contribution of workers like Ms Tuyết who I met today. She and many others are working hard every day, and even more now around Tet to keep the City tidy and clean and enjoyable for all the rest of us", Ambassdor Hilde Solbakken Ambassador shared.

Norwegian Ambassador stated that Tet is the time for appreciations and hopes. She wishes the new year of the Dragon will bring everyone joy, health, prosperity, and also opportunities for decent work and professional fulfilment.

With the same feelings for Tet, Ginny Chapman, Chargés d'affaires ad interim at the Embassy of New Zealand in Vietnam, visits a street stall and hands out lucky money to Hien, the owner of the stall, as a way to hail her contribution to Vietnam’s economic growth. She said that workers like Hien play a vital role in the Vietnamese economy. “They offer a wide range of goods and services, many of which are much more affordable for lower-income residents,” Chapman stressed.

“And for me, street vendors add to the richness and the diversity of the Vietnamese landscape,” Chapman said. She also wishes the Year of the Dragon will bring these workers and everyone else the best of luck and happiness.

Shawn Steil, Ambassador of Canada to Vietnam said that: “I wish all of us, including informal workers, a more prosperous, mentally and physically healthy, and supportive year.”

He underscored: “Supporting informal workers and guaranteeing everyone decent work is crucial for a more inclusive and equitable society.”

The four foreign diplomats and some local street vendors and sanitation employees say “Happy New Year!” to end the video.

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