Sao Mai Center: Wedding season love song

Let Sao Mai Center accompany you to realize your fairy tale dream in everyday life, weaving a "wedding season love song" with magical emotional arcs, capturing the beautiful moments of the couple's happy day!

A fairy tale wedding is one of those enchanting wedding styles that women all dream about as little girls. Almost every girl has a favourite "princess model"; for example, the image of Cinderella in a sparkling white ball gown has become legendary.

If the princes want to hold wedding ceremonies in a shimmering, magical space that makes everyone admire beauty and sophistication, don't worry; let Sao Mai Center accompany you to realize your fairy tale dream in everyday life, weaving a "wedding season love song" with magical emotional arcs, capturing the beautiful moments of the couple's happy day!

Sao Mai Center: Wedding season love song
The faithful purple colour blends into the romantic, lyrical music of the wedding day at Sao Mai Center 1 lobby.

What makes a fairy tale wedding?

Currently, there are many options for wedding decoration packages. Sao Mai Center brings liberality and comfort combined with a touch of delicate nostalgic accessories. Paying attention to every smallest detail in party decoration to highlight elegance and attractiveness is an idea many couples always choose on their wedding day.

There are no standards for any wedding style, but the "measure" here is calculated based on the customer's requirements, desires, and preferences. The "achievement", in addition to the values and messages it wants to convey through pure beauty, is measured based on customer satisfaction.

Sao Mai Center opens up a romantic, colourful space, allowing everyone to wake up in the middle of an accurate fairy tale. True to its name, it has a royal feel, often adorned with lots of colourful flowers, candles, and glass objects on the banquet table in harmony and harmony.

Sao Mai Center: Wedding season love song
Moments of a lifetime - banquet for more than 1,000 guests (Hall 2).

The bride appeared in a pure, gorgeous, luxurious, beautiful white Ball Gown. The couple "hand in hand" walked towards the ceremony yard in a melodious love song, appearing together in a beautiful scene, marking unforgettable moments in life. Where love spreads wings to a new page, where a peaceful home begins, and where commitment to eternal fidelity begins.

Ly rượu giao bôi ngập tràn hạnh phúc giữa hai bên họ hàng
The glass of wine was filled with happiness between the two relatives.

Super year-end wedding season promotion

In the past, our ancestors believed that the wedding season should begin when the weather was fantastic, plenty of rice was in the house, and everyone could relax because the harvest season had ended. Up to now, couples often hold weddings in the pleasant climate months starting from August to the end of February of the following lunar year.

However, many "lovebirds" choose the last months of the year to "build a home" when the weather is cool and just starting to get cold, making everyone's mood more comfortable. Take advantage of the opportunity at the end of the year to add more people to your family and prepare to welcome the new year together, filled with happiness.

Decor bàn tiệc bắt mắt, chỉnh chu đến từng chi tiết nhỏ
The banquet table decoration is eye-catching and meticulous down to every small detail.

Sao Mai Center is a perfect solution that can serve thousands of people, providing a super classy "banquet" reception for the big day. Our experienced staff always listens, understands and plans in detail and professionally, and estimates costs to create customers' peace of mind and confidence.

The dishes that are meticulously decorated, eye-catching and delicious, made by the skilful hands of experienced chefs, will not disappoint the guests at your party.

Đêm trăng mật “Sweety”
"Sweety" honeymoon night.

On the occasion of thanking customers at the end of the year, Sao Mai Center "launches" a super attractive promotion program applicable to customers who deposit from November 1, 2023, to December 31, 2023.

Complimentary light appetizers; free service; preferential sound, lighting, LED screen packages; free themed wedding decoration package...depending on the number of tables.

In particular, you will also receive a "sweety" honeymoon night worth 1,500,000 VND; the room is sparklingly decorated to show luxury and class.

Góc check - in sang chảnh cho khách mời
Luxurious check-in corner for guests.

Understanding that the wedding party is the place to display the picture of love beyond all emotional words is the perfect first step for an ideal marriage. So, let Sao Mai Center help you share happiness with your loved ones with an unforgettable, delicious trip, revelling in a beautiful space filled with fairy tale colours.

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