Sacred mountain's gorgeous symphony

Thien Cam Son is an ideal destination, with "golden coordinates" to attract tourists. This is where the fantastic and mysterious natural scenery blends, imbued with spirituality, with wild poetic beauty.

Here, visitors are like walking in the middle of the clouds, listening to the birds singing hidden under the green foliage, the sound of streams flowing far and near, watching the temple roof under the brilliant afternoon sun, and at the same time being immersed in the sacred mountainous place and walking between the symphony of heaven and earth, with the unforgettable aftertaste of the summer weather in Nui Cam (Nui Bay).

Cảnh sắc ngoạn mục, ấn tượng của Núi Cấm
Nui Cam's spectacular, impressive scenery.

With an altitude of over 700m and the highest and most sacred mountain in the That Son range, this season, Nui Cam is a place "to avoid the sun" and the sweltering, oppressive heat of the record-breaking hot weather days in the west region.

Visitors can drop their souls through the glass of the cable car cabin through the mist, feel the surrounding cool air and let their minds fly freely, capturing the breathtaking beauty of the forest and mountains. They can also feel the smallness of people in front of all things, nature, spatial resonance, scenery, and colors...

Trôi trong sương mù
Drifting in the fog.

When the first rain of the season comes silently, watering the sunny green areas, the summer heat becomes an excuse, allowing us to find and immerse ourselves in the perfect green space, enjoying the fresh atmosphere. Look into the deep blue water of Thuy Liem Lake, and watch the schools of colorful fish leisurely swim. A light landing leaf ripples through the waves of the water, reflecting the lake's surface with the peaceful and free smile of Maitreya Buddha.

Nụ cười Đức Phật giữa đời…
Buddha's smile in everyday life.

In the middle of the majestic mountains and forests, let yourself float on the "water," admire the scenery of clouds and sky, and embrace the dream of "An Giang with wide mountains and long rivers..." Then sink into the perspective of "1 square meter 1001 shooting angle", with the "check-in" points without exit of Thanh Long Water Park. The summer is brilliant. Time seemed to stop suddenly and filled with joy. We are like children, carefree, playing with relatives and friends. Just like that, let go of worries. Here's the super speed slide, the wave pool, the infinity lake, the stream waterfall... Come on, the cute "mascots," then the "Sing Together" music festival with many melodies resonating in the great wind. The tourist's soul drifts with the "symphony" of the mountains, the sky, and the melodious waves...

“Thiên đường mùa hè” dưới chân núi Cấm
"Summer Paradise" at the foot of Nui Cam.
Những sắc màu giai điệu dưới chân núi Cấm
Melodies at the foot of Nui Cam.

Standing on the slope, under the canopy of pink trumpets in full bloom, Nui Cam has never ceased to amaze us. The forests are luxuriant, stretching out endlessly. Fresh herbs and flowers in four seasons. Looking up at Van Linh Pagoda, quiet and majestic in the afternoon. Meditate, touch the echoes of scriptures, relax with the pagoda scene in the high mountains... See the magic in the mallets, the electricity associated with many anecdotes and legends. The pagoda is dignified and splendid but non-secular. It was formerly called Leaf Pagoda, destroyed by bombs and bombs of two wars against the French colonialists and the American imperialists, then embellished and restored in 1976.

Leaning back on the slopes of Bo Hong Hill, the highest peak of Nui Cam, facing Lake Thuy Liem, where the Maitreya Buddha statue is smiling happily, whole and complete. Now, the temple with historical status continues its mission as a bridge of faith, a place to go up and back to peace and wakefulness. The temple shimmers, radiant in the afternoon light. A magical light lit up in the middle of the murky mountains.

Chùa Vạn Linh lung linh, thoát tục giữa núi rừng
Van Linh Pagoda is shimmering, escaping in the mountains.
Thiên Cấm Sơn: Bản giao hưởng non thiêng
Sacred Mountain's gorgeous symphony.

In summer, many cool raindrops keep flowing, slowly creeping into every corner. After the rain, visitors can walk along each stone step, inhale the pure and peaceful atmosphere in their chests, and feel all the most beautiful sounds of life humming between their souls in the village - a symphony of nature and summer at Nui Cam.

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