Petrol prices edge up on January 25 afternoon: MOIT

From 15:00 on January 25, the petrol prices were revised up by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the Ministry of Finance.
Petrol prices edge up on January 25 afternoon
The petrol prices revised up from 15:00 on January 25 (Source: VNA)

Accordingly, the price of popular RON95-III stood at 23,407 VND (0.95 USD) per litre, up 925 VND, while E5RON92 was raised 753 VND to cost 22,171 VND per litre.

The prices of diesel oil 0.05S and kerosene were capped at 20,376 VND and 20,544 VND per litre, up 182 VND and 8 VND, respectively.

Meanwhile mazut oil 180CST 3.5S was sold at no more than 15,494 VND per kilogramme, a fall of 14 VND.

During this fuel price adjustment, the two ministries decided to use the petrol price stabilisation fund for mazut oil only.

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(Source: VNA)