Nguyen Van Tuyen – Cherish to bring knowledge to the highlands of Dien Bien

WVR - “Exemplary and responsible in every aspect of performances, he is loved and respected by students, trusted by leaders and colleagues, especially with lots of innovations and creativity in work”, these are the comments of teachers and students about teacher Dr. Nguyen Van Tuyen - Lecturer at the School of Economics and Technology of Dien Bien.
Nguyen Van Tuyen – Cherish to bring knowledge to the highlands of Dien Bien
Nguyen Van Tuyen – a young veterinary doctor. (Photo: Hanh Nguyen)

The first doctor of veterinary medicine in Dien Bien province

Dr. Nguyen Van Tuyen was born in 1993, from his hometown Hung Yen. He graduated as valedictorian in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Agriculture and Forestry - Thai Nguyen University in January 2016, then he volunteered to go to the border highlands, taking Dien Bien as the destination, with the cherish to bring knowledge to the highlands region and economic growth for the local people.

With excellent academic and scientific research achievements, Dr. Nguyen Van Tuyen - lecturer at the Faculty of Agricultural, Forestry - Construction Engineering (School of Economics and Technology of Dien Bien) has been given special admission to study and get a PhD degree without going through a Master's degree. In September 2022, he successfully delivered his PhD dissertation defense in front of the Council of Science, officially becoming the first Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in Dien Bien province when he just turned 29 years old.

Even though he is still very young, Dr. Tuyen has not only affirmed his professional capacity but also has a huge track record of scientific research achievements. On that basic, he has achieved many successes in his career in training and scientific researches.

Young Doctor Nguyen Van Tuyen has been exerting his efforts and intelligence to gradually change the ranchers and farmers' thinking about the development of livestock and husbandry relying on science and technology, to make ranching as the foundation in the intrinsical structure for Vietnam's agricultural sector in general and Dien Bien province in particular.

“Even though there are countless difficulties, teaching and scientific researchers are the jobs of my prone aptitude and that I am extremely enthusiastic about. Like many other teachers, love for my profession is the driving force that helps me overcome difficulties in everyday life and at work to become a teacher and a scientist in the true sense of the two prestige phrases", Dr. Tuyen confided himself.

Dr. Tuyen's footprints are found in every locality

From his passion for scientific research, Dr. Tuyen has devoted a lot of time, effort and enthusiasm to doing researches. He has been tutoring and accompanying his students and colleagues to localities to disseminate scientific and technical knowledge, collect samples, research and learn about common diseases of livestock and poultry to work out the treatment measures of efficiency. His footprints and his colleagues' footprints have been imprinted in all localities of the province.

His scientific research projects and topics are mainly related to the fields of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, such as: "Drafting an epidemiological map and assessing the circulation of African swine fever virus in Dien Bien province", "Preparation of a set of images on taxonomic and morphological characteristics and determining the distribution of parasitic worms and flukes in the digestive and respiratory tracts of swine in Dien Bien province", "Setting up a model for raising J-Dabaco chickens on biological bedding at the Experimental - Practical Farm of School of Economics and Technology of Dien Bien".

One of the topics he is very interested in is: " Drafting an epidemiological map and assessing the circulation of African swine fever virus in Dien Bien province".

According to Dr. Tuyen, this is a pretty good topic, to be done to solve an urgent practical problem, because currently African swine fever is a gruesome worry, causing a lot of economic loss for the ranchers. Therefore, assessing the evolution of the epidemic situation, monitoring the circulation of the African swine fever viruses, providing practical documentation have helped the province's specialized agencies be proactive in epidemic prevention, reducing the risk of disease spread when an epidemic occurs to contribute to the sustainable development of the province's pig farming industry.

Facilitating the economic growth for the Dien Bien ethnic groups

Although scientific research is a field with challenges and obstacles with many difficulties, especially for a mountainous province like Dien Bien, the local difficulties are even multiplied by themselves. Being a capable and enthusiastic teacher, he has overcome the challenging obstacles.

Up to now, he has chaired and participated in implementing 9 scientific research tasks at various levels, and has over 20 scientific articles published in prestigious specialized scientific journals and scientific reports presented at domestic and international conferences.

Nguyen Van Tuyen – Cherish to bring knowledge to the highlands of Dien Bien
Nguyen Van Tuyen (6th from left) - The first Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in Dien Bien province. (Photo: Hanh Nguyen)

Most of the topics headed by him are applied to animal husbandry and disease prevention for livestock and poultry in districts, cities and towns of the province, to support the epidemic monitoring in the province, to prevent disease outbreaks, reduce disease incidence and mortality rates of livestock and poultry in localities. In addition, he also presides and participates in preparation of textbooks - reference books - monographs to serve the training.

In his comments about the achievements in teaching and research, he is very humble: "My success is the effort of a team work of scientists from the School of Economics and Technology of Dien Bien and the Faculty of Agricultural and Forestry Engineering and numerous generations of learners. To devote myself to my career, in addition to arranging and properly balancing job assignments and personal work, I am also supported by my enthusiastic family member.

In addition to the title of Provincial Emulation Warrior, Typical Young Teacher of Dien Bien Province, Certificates of Merit and Merit Recognition from the People's Committee of Dien Bien Province, Dien Bien Provincial Youth Union, and the General Department of Vocational Education (Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs)... then my biggest reward is the positive results obtained from the process of research, testing and being widely applied in disease prevention for families, cattle and poultry, contributing to husbandry, bringing high economic efficiency to ethnic people in the Northern midland and mountainous region in general and Dien Bien province in particular".

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