MOIT: US increases imports of Vietnamese mangoes

With Viet Nam emerging as the 14th largest supplier of mangoes to the United States in 2020, the import of its mangoes into the US is predicted to continue to rise this year, according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT).
MOIT: US increases imports of Vietnamese mangoes
Vietnamese mangoes. (Photo: VOV)

The Import and Export Department under the MoIT reveals that the US imported a total of 2,100 tonnes of mangoes worth US$4.61 million from Viet Nam last year, representing an increase of 66% in volume and 70.1% in value in comparison to 2019. These figures indicate that Viet Nam has become the 14th largest mango supplier to the US market.

At present, Mexico represents the largest supplier of mangoes to the US with 435,240 tonnes, followed by Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, and India.

Statistics by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) show that the US spent US$916 million on importing 728,920 tonnes of mangoes last year, a rise of 11.5% in volume and 12% in value in comparison to 2019 with the average import price rising by 0.5% to US$1.26 per kilo.

Alongside fresh mangoes, the US also imported 1,150 tonnes of frozen mangoes in Viet Nam last year, representing an increase of 38.16% compared to 2019.

Vietnamese mangoes were licensed to enter the US last year, one of the demanding markets in the world. Many businesses have so far shipped mangoes to the US but their exports remain modest.

Experts say that the US’s mango imports are anticipated to increase by 3% annually from now till 2025, opening up a chance for Vietnamese businesses to expand their shares in this market.

The Viet Nam Trade Office in San Francisco recommends that local businesses comply with regulations on food hygiene and safety whilst strengthening trade promotion, especially among Asian and Latin American communities in the US.

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(Source: VOV)