Hai Duong to welcome new investment wave

Hai Duong is currently attracting land-use projects with reasonable area, low labor force, high-tech application, and clean energy usage.
Hai Duong to welcome new investment wave
Hai Duong currently has about 14 concentrated industrial parks and 11 large industrial clusters.

Information about the International Pharmaceutical Park cooperation project between Dai An Urban – Industrial Park (IP) Development Corporation JSC and Sri Avantika Contractor LTD, India’s leading enterprise in the infrastructure development of pharmaceutical parks and high-tech IP, has brought a fresh breeze to Hai Duong’s attracting trend of FDI investment in 2022.

Fresh investment wave

As a typical project with both regional and international stature, Pharmaceutical Park Project not only aims at meeting the pharmaceutical needs in both Vietnamese and Southeast Asian markets, but also at exporting to high-standard markets such as the US and EU.

The project, which is oriented towards being in a SEZ, is in line with Hai Duong’s strategy of redirecting FDI attractions. It would benefit from various preferential policies, while the pharmaceutical industry itself is also given special investment incentives.

Hai Duong, with its maximum support commitment, has officially asked investors to implement the project along with the building of a SEZ, while suggesting the government apply preferential policies similar to Samsung Group’s in Bac Ninh to this project.

Hai Duong was chosen as a berth for long-term plans due to its convenient location for exporting products, which is near both the seaport and airport. It is the province’s characteristics of geographical location and natural conditions that created some unique advantages in terms of the investment environment, according to the investors.

Hai Duong is located in the center of the Red River Delta, which is in the Northern Key Economic Zone, including Hanoi, Hai Phong and Quang Ninh. With the tropical monsoon climate and high humidity, it allows a variety of crops and livestock to strongly develop.

Moreover, the province has quite large reserves of several minerals for industrial production. There are also many cultural and historical sites associated with spiritual tourism and ecotourism.

Hai Duong’s current population is over 1.9 million, 60% of which are working-age, an important human resource for investment projects. The province has a youthful labor force whose structure is changing by reducing the participant rate in agriculture, forestry and fishery, while increasing it in the industrial and service sectors.

Thanks to the development in training scale and quality, the rate of trained laborers reaches 80%. The province currently has about 20 units providing vocational training at all levels (including beginner, intermediate, and college).

Hai Duong’s political and security situation remains stable: safety is ensured in all key economic constructions, industrial parks and zones, which makes the province a potential investing environment to promote enterprises’ business activities.

The province’s transportation network is relatively convenient and synchronous, with roads, railway and river traffic located near Ha Noi and Cat Bi (Hai Phong) international airports, as well as on the Kunming (China) - Ha Noi - Quang Ninh economic corridor.

In recent years, some National Highways running across the province (Route 5, 37, 18, and Ha Noi - Hai Phong Expressways) have been invested in by the Central Government. The province has also been improving provincial and inter-provincial roads connecting external areas to Hai Duong, creating a completely synchronous transport system in order to meet the requirements of socio-economic development and enterprises’ commodity circulation and transportation, making it convenient to attract and implement local investment projects.

Ready to welcome investors

Hai Duong has been approved by the Government to carry out the zoning plan on developing (until 2015) and orienting (until 2020) for 18 IPs with a total area of ​​over 3,517 hectares.

According to the plan, there have been 11 IPs operated up to now, with a total infrastructure area of 1,732.13 hectares, which of each ​​IP is 1.470,21 hectares, while the average occupancy rate is nearly 83% out of the industrial planning area.

Hai Duong to welcome new investment wave
Dai An industrial park.

The operated IPs have qualified and synchronous infrastructure, including leveled ground, internal road and electricity system, water supply and drainage. There is also a centralized wastewater treatment mechanism with automatic monitoring and 24/24 data transmission system for the Department of Natural Resources and Environment. Traffic in IPs connects with convenient routes, such as national highways and provincial roads, in compliance with the approved planning.

In early 2021, Hai Duong continued to receive the Prime Minister’s approval to invest in infrastructure projects of four IPs, with a planning area of ​​nearly 760 hectares. The province also kept implementing two ongoing projects with ​​nearly 340 hectares, raising the total planning area of ​​local IPs to 2,567 hectares.

Newly established IPs have plans to carry out land clearance and invest in infrastructure construction in 2021, as well as basically complete the construction of technical infrastructure in 2022, getting ready to welcome investors.

In addition, the province is planning to develop dynamic industrial zones in Binh Giang and Thanh Mien districts, with a total area of ​​about 9,230 hectares, of which the IP/EZ land is over 5,000 hectares. This is to attract large investment projects with modern and clean technology.

The dynamic zone includes main subdivisions such as high-tech specialized IPs, urban - service IPs with startup and innovation center as its core, and ecological IPs, creating a driving force for the province’s socio-economic development and the Red River Delta region, contributing to the economic development of the country.

Moreover, Hai Duong orients the planning of a synchronous and modern transport, urban and logistics system, effectively serving the industrial development, both across the province and in the dynamic industrial zone.

The province has established 53 industrial clusters (ICs) with a total area of ​​2,683 hectares on provincial roads, 40 of which are operating with an occupancy rate of over 70%, while the rest are newly established in 2021. It is currently encouraging domestic and foreign investors to invest in the infrastructure development of IPs and ICs.

The supporting industry providing components for the automobile, motorcycle, and household electronics industries aims to serve the needs of domestic manufacturing and export orientation. Therefore, in order to attract investment in the field of supporting industries (SI), the People’s Committee of Hai Duong has issued a master plan on SI’s development in the province until 2020, with a vision to 2030.

Hai Duong’s SI products contribute to supporting the production of industries in both the province and the country, creating associations between economic sectors, between domestic production facilities and foreign-invested enterprises, and between supporting industries and product assembly enterprises.

Up to now, Hai Duong has successfully developed a number of SI in three main fields, namely mechanical engineering, electrical - electronics, and textile-footwear, whose growth rate of industrial production value in the period 2016 – 2020 reached over 15.4% per year. In general, there are about 130 enterprises producing SI products in the area.

Hai Duong has set specific goals for SI’s development, for its production value.

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