Free Mastery SAT Open Class for students nationwide

Following the success of the SAT Open Class in the summer of 2023 with over 1,000 active student participants achieving their SAT scores after their study period, the Khan Academy Vietnam team continues to launch a completely free "Mastery" SAT Open Class. Students nationwide now have the opportunity to register and review their knowledge for free.

The SAT exam is used by American universities as an admission criterion, and many Vietnamese students have used this exam to realize their "American dream." Since 2020, many universities in Vietnam, such as Hanoi University of Science And Technology, Foreign Trade University, National Economics University, University of Languages and International Studies - Vietnam National University, and Hanoi University of Civil Engineering, have also used the SAT certificate as a basis for their admissions.

As one of the candidates participating in the admission to the National Economics University with an SAT score of 1460/1600, Pham Khanh Ly was successfully admitted to the marketing major. Similarly, with a score of 1500/1600 on the SAT, Mai Chi was successfully admitted to the Business Finance department at the National Economics University and the Computer Science major at Hanoi University of Science And Technology.

Le Tu Quang of Khan Academy who scored 1,560 out of 1,600 on the SAT exam
Le Tu Quang of Khan Academy who scored 1,560 out of 1,600 on the SAT exam

Achieving a score of 1560/1600, Le Tu Quang, a grade 11 English major student at the Hanoi – Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, also plans to use his SAT results to apply to his desired university or study abroad after completing high school.

The experience shared by the aforementioned students is that they self-study and self-review using the Khan Academy platform. Speaking to reporters, Tu Quang shared that he frequently reviews and searches for free resources from Khan Academy. As a result, he is also taking on the role of "advisor" for the SAT Open Class powered by Khan Academy Vietnam to share his exam preparation experiences with students nationwide.

After two rounds of implementation, the Mastery SAT Open Class with many "enhancements" has officially returned to accompany Vietnamese students nationwide. Mr. Do Ngoc Minh, the co-founder of Khan Academy Vietnam, shared with us that the Mastery SAT Open Class will provide students with optimal learning tools and methods, allowing them to study anytime, anywhere without limitations. Importantly, the class was developed based on the "Mastery Learning" approach highly valued by Khan Academy. From the very beginning, students are encouraged to study regularly, comprehensively, and progressively to master each skill and review any gaps in knowledge immediately to avoid long-term understanding gaps. This enables them to achieve "mastery" and confidently tackle the exam. Based on the experiences of those who studied at Khan Academy, the more mastery achieved, the easier it is to score 1500+ on the actual test.

The “Mastery” index of students who studied for the SAT on the Khan Academy platform
The “Mastery” index of students who studied for the SAT on the Khan Academy platform

Additionally, when studying at the Mastery SAT Open Class, students are assisted in building personalized learning pathways, equipped with weekly study guides, and regularly attend sessions shared by experienced "advisor" peers who have taken the SAT to gain further insights. Hence, not only do students gain knowledge and experience, but they are also inspired to study effectively. Furthermore, they will join a learning community of thousands of students nationwide, connecting with more peers to exchange ideas, discuss, and continue writing their dreams together.

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