Focusing on origins and diversity to honor Vietnamese traditional pho in Festival Phở 2024

WVR/TITC - The 3-day festival in the land where the famous Pho Co is born, aims to honor the pho profession in the cultural diversity of the three regions accross Vietnam.
The Organising Board informing about the Festival Phở 2024 (Photo: dantri)
The organising board informing about the Festival Phở 2024. (Photo: dantri)

In 3 days (from 15th-17th March 2024), in Nam Dinh City (Nam Dinh Province), Festival Phở 2024 will take place, themed “Honouring the pho profession, aiming for intangible cultural heritage”.

This is information given at the press conference about the Festival Phở 2024 programme held on the afternoon of 29th February.

Festival Phở 2024 aims to honour the traditional pho profession; at the same time, it is an opportunity for tourists and residents to learn and enjoy the flavours of pho associated with regional cultures everywhere in Vietnam.

The event also aims to contribute strongly to the strong integration of Vietnamese pho, and the value of Vietnamese cuisine to reach further on the map of the world culinary elite.

Besides, the organising board also hopes that the series of activities at the Festival will elevate Vietnamese cuisine, making Pho a national brand, associated with the development of domestic and international tourism.

Ms. Le Thi Thiet, Chairwoman of Nam Dinh culinary culture association said, the key programme at the festival is called "Finding the flavour of Vietnamese Pho", which will bring together more than 50 booths of businesses and brands to participate in performing and promoting images and brands.

The booths are arranged in separate areas, creating highlights, with a connection in ideas and content; which is divided into 3 areas, including: Pho stalls, ingredient and spice stalls; standard booths. The booth's operating hours are from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day to serve visitors.

Throughout the 3 days of Festival Phở 2024, the organising board will issue a special promotion programme expected to range from 15,000-20,000 bowls of pho to diners in the form of coupons. With each coupon worth 15,000 VND, diners will enjoy a bowl of pho at selected stalls. At the end of the programme, the organising board will donate the proceeds of 5,000 coupons to the cerebral palsy children's fund in Nam Dinh province.

In addition to directly introducing the flavour of Vietnamese pho, Festival Phở 2024 also organises many activities such as: writing and photography contests about Vietnamese Pho; Vietnamese Pho noodles and Vietnamese Pho flavor contest; giant pho pot record-setting activity; a series of seminars on the development of pho profession from past to future; displaying cultural spaces related to pho… In addition, visitors can also participate in learning and experiencing the sights in Nam Dinh City.

In particular, the programme also includes activities to experience the stages of making Pho for ambassadors, guests and tourists…

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