Dong Thap Rice from HAPRO - Proud to be the National Brand

Hanoi Trade Joint Stock Corporation (HAPRO) has introduced high-quality rice products into the domestic market in tandem with the country's agricultural development. These include premium ST25 rice, special Dong Vang rice, Nang May rice, and fragrant Huong Lai rice.

Rice and grain have always been an integral part of Vietnamese culture and lifestyle. For centuries, the Vietnamese people have cultivated a close bond with rice. Rice is considered a symbol of prosperity and abundance for the nation.

HAPRO in collaboration with local businesses has researched and implemented a range of high-quality rice products to meet domestic consumer demand. These products are processed and packaged at the Hapro rice mill and export facility in Lai Vung district, Dong Thap province—the largest rice-growing region in the Mekong Delta. Thanks to fertile soil and natural conditions, Dong Thap rice becomes tender, fragrant, and nutrient-rich when cooked.

Tổng công ty Hapro đã triển khai đưa vào hệ thống kinh doanh những dòng sản phẩm gạo chất lượng cao phục vụ nhu cầu người tiêu dùng trong nước như: gạo ST25 thượng hạng, gạo Đồng vàng đặc biệt, gạo Nàng mây, gạo Hương lài sữa dẻo…
HAPRO has introduced high-quality rice products into the domestic market in tandem with the country's agricultural development. These include premium ST25 rice, special Dong Vang rice, Nang May rice, and fragrant Huong Lai rice…

The Hapro Dong Thap rice product lines are harvested, processed, and packaged at Hapro's rice milling and export processing factory located in Lai Vung District, Dong Thap Province - the largest rice growing area of the Mekong Delta with a rice processing capacity of 14 tons/hour. Thanks to soil and natural conditions advantages, Dong Thap rice has a soft, chewy and fragrant texture when cooked, and also contains high nutrient levels superior to ordinary rice.

The production process of Hapro Rice applies advanced, modern technology with strict control from seed selection to cultivation to produce high-quality rice grains, ensuring the rice delivered to consumers is tasty, clean and nutritious. Each type of Hapro Dong Thap rice has its characteristics:

- Premium grade ST25 rice: Belongs to the premium group in the current rice market. The grains are long, and cooking yields soft, fragrant rice with a uniquely tasty sweetness. Notably, ST25 rice has a high protein content suitable for diabetics, elderly and children.

- Specialty Golden Dong rice: Processed from premium aromatic rice from Soc Trang - ST24 variety, surpassing hundreds of other brands, honored as the world's second-best rice. The grains are nearly 8mm, with a polished white appearance. The protein content in this rice is one and a half times of ordinary rice, yielding fragrant, soft, sweet rice when cooked.

- Fragrant Lai Milk rice: A rice variety from seasonal Cambodian rice, cultivated for 6 months on fertile land, growing naturally with long grains. When cooked, it yields soft, sweet rice with a faint floral fragrance.

- Jasmine Nang May rice: From short-cycle Jasmine aromatic rice is mainly grown in the Mekong Delta. The Jasmine fragrant rice has large, long grains with a pure white color, yielding soft, fragrantly flavored rice.

Mỗi loại gạo Đồng Tháp của HAPRO đều có những đặc tính riêng.

Each type of Hapro Dong Thap rice has its distinct qualities.

In the domestic market in recent years, Hapro Dong Thap rice has achieved many great accomplishments in rice production, winning prestigious awards: Top 2 Most Favorite Vietnamese Brand by Consumers in 2018; Top 3 Most Favorite Vietnamese Brand by Consumers in 2020; Top 4 Most Favorite Vietnamese Brand by consumers for two consecutive years 2020, 2021.

Thanks to its superior quality, Hapro Rice products are now distributed nationwide via supermarket and store chains and also exported to demanding markets such as the US, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, European and African countries, and the Middle East.

In addition, the Hanoi Corporation of Trade and its members have actively promoted trade through online B2B sessions with foreign enterprises and participated in international expos such as the World Rice Conference, Gulffood Food Industry Exhibition in Dubai, International Specialty Grain & Nut Conference in the US, Hong Kong International Food Expo, Anuga International Food Trade Fair in Germany.

These are long-term steps with great potential for Hapro Dong Thap Rice to affirm its brand in the world. Participating in international expos and forums is also an opportunity to introduce importers, distribution and retail systems of Vietnamese brands in the local markets.

The achievements of Hapro Rice in winning major awards and gaining trust and use from domestic consumers, as well as its exports to tough markets while gradually accessing foreign distribution chains and reaching local consumers under the Vietnamese brand name, have demonstrated the quality and reputation of the Hapro Dong Thap rice brand, contributing to elevating the image of Vietnamese farm produce to a new level globally.

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