Amway Vietnam secures double awards at Asia Pacific Outstanding Brand 2023

WVR - Amway Vietnam, a global leader in health and beauty, proudly received two prestigious awards at the Asia-Pacific Outstanding Brand 2023 event: Nutrilite was honored among the Top 5 Outstanding Brands in Asia-Pacific 2023, and Huynh Thien Trieu, the Managing Director, was recognized among the Top 5 Outstanding Leaders in Asia-Pacific 2023.

The Asia-Pacific Outstanding Brand 2023, now in its 9th edition, is organized by the Editorial Board of the Asia-Pacific Economic Review in collaboration with relevant organizations, meticulously selecting winners based on strict international evaluation standards. This event aims to honor enterprises with high-quality products and services, brands that pioneer scientific technology in production and business management, and those contributing to sustainable brand development in both domestic and global markets.

This year's awards gathered over 300 participating businesses, recognizing excellence in three categories: Brands, Leaders, and Outstanding Products/Services in the region. Amway Vietnam stands among the few companies honored with high-standing two prestigious awards.

Amway Vietnam received Top 5 Outstanding Leaders in Asia-Pacific 2023.
Amway Vietnam received Top 5 Outstanding Leaders in Asia-Pacific 2023.

Top 5 Outstanding Leaders in Asia-Pacific 2023

By surpassing eight evaluation criteria, Amway Vietnam's Managing Director, Mr. Huynh Thien Trieu, was voted among the Top 5 Outstanding Leaders in Asia-Pacific 2023. Beyond the fundamental criteria of holding a high-level leadership position and actively participating in broad regional market operations, the award also acknowledges an individual's contributions to both national and international aspects.

Specifically, leaders must demonstrate skill and spirit combined, innovation, productivity, and significant contributions to the country's economy and the business community within the region. They must be a leader in technological and technical innovation, environmental protection, fostering a supportive working environment, engaging in social welfare activities, and earning recognition from state management agencies and industry associations.

Mr. Huynh Thien Trieu has been an integral part of Amway since its first years in Vietnam. For 15 years, he has progressed through pivotal roles within the organization before assuming the helm of Amway Vietnam in December 2019. In just three years, under his leadership, Amway Vietnam's team of over 350 employees and 300,000 distributors and registered customers propelled the country into the top 10 globally in terms of revenue within the Amway Corporation, achieving a revenue of 2.399 trillion VND in 2022 (a 15% increase from 2021).

According to Mr. Trieu, the core of Amway Vietnam's success lies in the "heart," guiding their steady development. The unified focus of the team is to support distributors, serve its customers, and contribute to the community. Notably, Mr Trieu was not only recognized as an Outstanding Entrepreneur of Vietnam - ASEAN 2020 by the Vietnam – Asean Association for Economic Cooperation Development but also received a commendation in 2023 from the Central Committee of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union for his active participation in the Red Sunday blood donation program. Under his leadership, Amway Vietnam has also received two Certificates of Merit from the Ministry of Health, seven Golden Dragon Awards for digital transformation, three Best Workplace in Asia awards, recognition among the Top 100 Sustainable Development Enterprises, and over 60 prestigious awards.

Top 5 Outstanding Brands in Asia-Pacific 2023.
Top 5 Outstanding Brands in Asia-Pacific 2023.

Top 5 Outstanding Brands in Asia-Pacific 2023

The Top 5 Outstanding Brands in Asia-Pacific 2023 award aims to honor prominent brands in the region, with active contributions to customer benefits and the advancement of national economies during the integration and development phase. This recognition was bestowed upon Nutrilite - a nutritional supplement brand renowned for health protection. Nutrilite is the world’s #1 selling vitamin and dietary supplement brand, according to the 2022 GlobalData market size report.

This award signifies Nutrilite's meticulous evaluation across seven criteria: Legal compliance and circulation, Extensive market presence, Brand-building culture, Innovative and unified brand communication, Market development capabilities, Adherence to legal regulations, Social and community responsibilities, and Talent resources across the Asian market.

Established in 1934, Nutrilite boasts nearly 90 years of pioneering experience in plant-derived nutrient extraction, encapsulating nature's essence into each nutritional supplement, and providing top-quality health protection products for consumers. Nutrilite currently owns four organic farms, ensuring abundant plant sources for production while practicing sustainable organic farming and balanced ecosystems to create high-nutrient value raw materials.

A stringent nine-step closed-loop production process "from seed to finished product" not only establishes Nutrilite's exemplary reputation but also preserves the integrity of valuable plant nutrients in every product delivered to customers. This process stands on a foundation of scientific essence and high-end technology present in every stage from research to product formulation.

In 2023 alone, Nutrilite achieved four milestones: Nutrilite - the world's number one nutritional supplement, health protection, and vitamin brand*, Nutrilite Double X - the world's number one multivitamin and multimineral supplement from five color groups of plant nutrients*, Nutrilite’s Omega - the world's number one omega supplement*, Protein products from Nutrilite - the world's number one protein supplement*. With the trust of millions of users across the region, Nutrilite embodies the "soul" of Amway Vietnam.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Mr Huynh Thien Trieu (Managing Director of Amway Vietnam) expressed: "Receiving two prestigious awards simultaneously is a significant recognition and immense encouragement for both myself and Nutrilite to continue our 15-year journey of breakthrough and sustainable development. There are achievements measured in numbers, and there are accomplishments only felt after a long journey, starting from the early days of operation in Vietnam until the time when the Vietnamese market officially became one of the top 10 highest-revenue markets for the Amway Corporation.

After all, I trust that Amway Vietnam is heading in the right direction, not only strengthening the domestic market but also expanding across the region. In the forthcoming journey, we have complete faith in our internal strength, aiming towards a brighter future with our consistent mission of 'Helping people live better and healthier lives,' contributing to the growing prosperity of Vietnam.

Verified on May 17, 2023. Based on GlobalData's market scale database, encompassing market scale by industry and brand market share of nutritional and supplementary products across over 200 countries worldwide. Figures are based on retail revenue for the year 2022 (from January 1, 2022, to December 31, 2022). The Nutrilite market share includes revenue from products branded as Nutrilite and Nutriway.
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