Vietnamese, Indian field hospitals in South Sudan share peacekeeping experience

A delegation of the level-2 field hospital No 3 of Viet Nam engaging in the UN Peacekeeping Mission in South Sudan has paid a working visit to India’s level-2 field hospital in Malakal state.
Các y, bác sỹ Việt Nam thăm Bệnh viện dã chiến cấp 2 Ấn Độ. (Nguồn:
The visit of Vietnamese delegation of the level-2 field hospital No 3 is to enhance cooperation in peacekeeping operations in South Sudan. (Photo:

The visit is to enhance cooperation in peacekeeping operations in the African country, according to the Ministry of National Defence’s Viet Nam Department of Peacekeeping Operations.

During the visit, members of Viet Nam’s level-2 field hospital No 3 learned about SOP standard procedures in hospital operation, which has been painstakingly developed and updated by Indian colleagues during the Indian field hospital's 12 years of operation.

Doctors and nurses of the two hospitals also shared expertise and experience in handling real situations in order to improve the quality of medical examination and treatment services.

In addition, they took part in sports, cultural and culinary exchange activities.

The Vietnamese delegation also visited and presented gifts to the Cambodian Military Police unit and the level-1 field hospital of the Bangladeshi navy.

Although their term at the UN peacekeeping mission in South Sudan is about to finish, members of the level-2 field hospital No 3 of Việt Nam still regularly maintain professional coordination activities, contributing to promoting country, people and culture of Viet Nam to international friends.

Previously, Colonel Rishi Raj, Commander of the level-2 field hospital of India led a delegation to visit the Vietnamese field hospital, during which Vietnamese military doctors shared hands-on experience.

In July last year, for the first time the two hospitals coordinated to organise an online training on how to improve medical capacity in preventing and controlling the COVID-19 pandemic.

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(Source: VNS)