Vietnamese culture and people: The 35-year journey of renovation and international integration

TGVN. Cultural achievements during Viet Nam's renovation period have had positive impacts on the Vietnamese's social lives and resulted in unparalleled achievements.

Giữ gìn bản sắc văn hóa - Thành tựu 35 năm đổi mới và hội nhập quốc tế.
On the quest of renovation, initiated and led by the Party, cultural renovation has breathed new life and created a new face for the Vietnamese culture. (Illustrative photo. Source: VOV)

Along with the reform to develop a socialist-oriented market economy, the Party has insisted globalization to be an objective trend: It has created favorable conditions and opportunities for us to further international integration, to fulfill the goal of “getting ahead of the curve” and to promote industrialization, modernization of the country. On the other hand, it has also contained unpredictable risks, threatened the sovereignty and development of the country.

During the current path of renovation, the Party has affirmed culture to be the spiritual foundation of the society, as it is a goal, yet also a driving force to promote socio-economic development.

The quest of renovation, initiated and led by the Communist Party of Viet Nam since 1986, has lasted over 35 years. It was a magnificent achievement by the Party and the people on the course of establishing socialism and protecting the socialist Homeland. Since the beginning, the Party has always affirmed an accurate path, guideline on renovation, as well as appropriate steps and implementations.

As a result, the quest of renovation to reach socialism in our country has achieved increasing significant results. After 30 years of renovation, our country has overcome socio-economic crisis, underdeveloped status to become a middle-income country and further promoted industrialization, modernization and international integration. The economy has continued to grow adequately; step-by-step, a socialist-oriented market economy has been formed and developed. Politico-socio situation has been stabilized; defense and security has strengthened.

Socio-cultural situation has progressed; the face of the country and the lives of the people have changed significantly. Democratic socialism has been promoted and expanded. The great national unity has been further consolidated and strengthen. The building of the Party, the rule-of-law State and the political system have been promoted. All aspects of the country have been strengthened; independence, territorial sovereignty, unity and integrity, as well as the socialist system have been upheld. Foreign relations have been expanded and deepened; the standing and reputation of Viet Nam on the international stage have continued to increased.

Along economic renovations, under the Party’s leadership, aspects of social life such as politics, culture, defense-security and diplomacy continued to make important achievements. During such progress, the culture renovation has breathed new life and create a new face of Vietnamese culture. Social activities have become more open, the spiritual lives have been “untied”, traditional culture has received more attention. The national culture has been positioned in its rightful place as festivals recreated, temples, shrines and pagodas restored and embellished, as people’s spiritual demand fulfilled… People have continued to enjoy new artistic values of other civilizations, to approach new global artistic, cultural values, as well as to create new cultural values of their own. Renovated Vietnamese culture has moved on to another development chapter.

The renovation progress, coupled with science and technological achievements, have brought wind of change into the social life. The potentials of national culture have been affirmed, artistic aspects have continued to developed, as Vietnamese cultural values have shined, confirmed globally as an indispensable part of human culture. Cultural achievements during the renovation period have had positive impacts on the social life and resulted in unparalleled achievements.

Specifically, after years of renovation, we have affirmed that the focus of establishing culture is the building of people, with fundamental characteristics as patriotic, compassion, loving, integrity, diligence and creativity… To build a culture, people must build a system of appropriate values to promote strengths and minimize inappropriate behaviors. In addition, it is important to prepare the necessary factors to filter, to permeate essences of human nature while remove “defective” foreign elements. It could be said that renovation is a request, as well as a demand. After 35 years of renovation, Vietnamese culture have achieved great successes in multiple aspects and we have made significant shifts in our cultural thought…

Lễ hội Văn hóa Việt Nam tại thủ đô của Hàn Quốc
Vietnamese Cultural Festival in Seoul, capital of South Korea. (Source: VNA)

It is undeniable that all the above renovations in economic, social, political, culture to defense-security and diplomacy… have been results of the Party’s accurate perception and innovative ideology. It has further confirmed the accuracy and creativeness of the Party’s renovative path. The quest to socialism of the country has been consistent with the reality of Viet Nam and development trend of history. Such achievements have been the results of the Party’s accurate, creative path being consistent with the interests, wishes of the people, along with their supports and implementations. The Party has recognized, implemented and creatively developed the Marxism-Leninism, Ho Chi Minh Thought, inherited and promoted national traditions, internalized human culture and implemented international experience suitable with Viet Nam…

These achievements have created the basis so we could further solidify our trust in the goal, the idea of socialism, therefore affirm that socialism in our country, along with many others, is the combining product of the common and the private, the popular and the unique factors; while criticize, struggle against incorrect, hostile opinions that deny, distort the good nature of our country’s socialism. In that sense, the achievements after 35 years of renovation in our country have really contributed significantly to affirm the liveliness of the Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh Thought in the current era.

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