Vietnam - a positive example of women's role in modern societies: Romanian Ambassador

WVR - Romanian Ambassador to Vietnam Cristina Romila said: "Cannot be any realistic perspective on our societieswellbeing without promoting women in all the areas of the social and economic life".
Vietnam - a positive example of women's role in modern societies: Romanian Ambassador

How do you evaluate the role of women in modern society?

The role of women in the contemporary world is increasingly complex and diverse. The woman is a mother, a wife, a leader, a professor, cumulating a panoply of essential roles in the XXIst century. The women play an important role in taking further the development of our societies. This should be also reflected in a positive and balanced manner while promoting gender equality in an ever changing world.

Vietnam - a positive example of women's role in modern societies: Romanian Ambassador
Romanian Ambassador to Vietnam Cristina Romila. (Photo: PA)

There cannot be any realistic perspective on our societies’ wellbeing without promoting women in all the areas of the social and economic life.

I personally think that the key word that defines women nowadays is EMANCIPATION and EMPOWERMENT.

Could you share many typical Romania's experiences in promoting women's rights?

As an active member in NATO, EU, UN and OSCE missions, Romania knows and integrates gender dimensions in all aspects regarding national security and stability. Support for increased representation of women at all decision-making levels both nationally and regionally and/or at the level of international institutions, in consultation with women’s groups at local or international level, are part of the set of actions/measures for the implementation of the Women, Peace and Security agenda of the Romanian government.

Two examples in this sense might be of recent relevance when presenting the Romanian experience in promoting women’s rights. In 2019, within the Ministry of National Defense the percentage of female personnel (both civilian and military) was 23.69%. The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs continued to act for the appointment and promotion of women in leadership positions in compliance with the competence criteria, performance and professionalism. At the end of 2021, 49.49% of all MFA employees were women and from the total number of persons occupying management positions, women represent 53.6%.

As a matter of fact, re-confirming our best practices, Romania, together with the USA, took over in January 2023 the co-presidency of the Global Network of national focal points for the theme "Women, peace and security", for the year 2023.

How do you feel about Vietnamese women and their role?

Vietnamese women play an increasingly important role in the development of Vietnam and I do think that their role will be every day more significant in all the areas of Vietnamese society.

Since I began my mandate as Ambassador of Romania to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, I had the great opportunity to meet wonderful women, so dynamic and active at the level of their communities. I met artists, business women, women diplomats, local leaders and distinguished members of the National Assembly.

I think Vietnam provides a positive example of the role that women hold in modern societies. Just to mention an example that made a strong impression on me: the fact that the National Assembly of Vietnam is the legislative body in South East Asia with the biggest number of women elected as its members.

Against this background, I am proud to mention that Romania can count on wonderful women interlocutors in a variety of fields. I seize this opportunity to highlight the fact that the President of the Parliamentary Friendship Group between Vietnam and Romania is a very active and committed politician. Also, the Honorary Consul of Romania in Vietnam is one of the reputed artists of Vietnam and a successful business woman, while the Honorary Representative for promoting Romanian music is the first PhD cellist in Vietnam and a well-known classical music artist and professor.

What are your plans to promote exchanges between women of the two countries?

I am determined to continue to work to take further the people-to-people contacts between our two countries. Their value is so precious and they represent the very fundament of the traditional friendship between Romania and Vietnam. I am confident that the gender dimension will bring added-value to this approach.

Therefore, through joint efforts with our Vietnamese friends, I am determined to continue to promote the cultural and education exchanges between women of our countries, as well as the business-to-business connections. Both countries can count on very active women entrepreneurs’ organizations.

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