TRISEDCO doubles its work with big waves

In the context of the seafood industry facing many challenges when export markets are affected, the Travel Investment and Seafood Development Corporation (TRISEDCO) has demonstrated innovation and flexibility in its development strategy, contributing to maintaining its position amid the recession storm.
TRISEDCO: Adapt to big waves
TRISEDCO: Adapt to big waves.

As one of the leading enterprises in the field of fishmeal, fish fat and pangasius by-products in Vietnam, TRISEDCO realises the need for changes in business strategy to adapt to the new situation instead of just focusing on domestic consumption. The company has a "multi-cropped" investment in deep processing, increasing the added value of products to exploit many consumer market segments, mainly exporting raw materials.

Đầu tư khép kín dây chế biến bột giữ ổn định hàm lượng độ đạm
Investing in a closed flour processing line to keep the protein content stable.

Specifically, the company expanded the factory scale from 230 to 470 tons of raw materials/day, from 2 to 3 lines, and diversified products, including fishmeal, fish oil and bio-oil from catfish fat.

This bio-oil product helps make the most of by-products and brings higher economic value than exporting raw materials. TRISEDCO's significant breakthrough opened a new direction in complex seafood exports.

In addition, the company also focuses on building close cooperative relationships with domestic and foreign partners to ensure stable supply. Signing a contract to supply 8,000 tons of fish fat per month to Singapore partner - NESTE ASIA PACIFIC is the most evident proof of this effective cooperation strategy. Through partners, TRISEDCO can access new lands and expand product trade routes.

TRISEDCO always puts quality first. The company has invested in operating advanced production lines that meet international standards such as HACCP and ISO. Output products are always guaranteed to be safe and of the best quality, meeting the strict requirements of export markets.

Mỡ cá Trisedco - sản phẩm đang có lợi thế thị trường trong và ngoài nước.
Trisedco fish fat - a product that has an advantage in domestic and foreign markets.

Based on the above efforts and effective business strategies, TRISEDCO has maintained its position as one of the leading enterprises in the fish meal-fish fat processing industry. The company's production output and revenue remain stable. Although by mid-2023, the export situation will still be affected quite a lot, TRISEDCO still proves its effectiveness with positive data in the latest financial report of the second quarter. This success demonstrates its correct strategy of converting product structure, expanding markets, investing in technology and building a value chain.

In particular, boldly seeking breakthrough opportunities through biodiesel products from pangasius fat in general difficulties in the seafood industry has shown its creativity, flexibility, and high adaptability. Refrain from accepting problems; create your opportunities and results. TRISEDCO's effective response strategy to common challenges is a valuable lesson for other organisations in the industry.

With a solid foundation and clear development orientation, it promises to continue to promote its strengths and diversify its scale in the coming time. Flexible adaptation, the will to overcome difficulties, and a creative and effective business strategy will help the brand continue to affirm its leading position in the domestic market and the ASEAN region, positively contributing to developing the country's economy.

Trisedco đang nắm giữ hệ thống bồn trữ dầu cá lớn nhất Việt nam
Trisedco holds the most significant fish oil storage tank system in Vietnam.

The unit also plans to expand into new business areas, such as tourism, and apply high technology in production to maximise its potential and improve operational efficiency. A multi-industry business model will help share risks and maximise resources and opportunities.

Besides innovation in development strategies, TRISEDCO prioritises social responsibility and environmental protection. Actively investing in waste treatment technology and energy saving is the core principle. With a long-term vision, the company hopes to become one of the pioneering enterprises in the deep processing of the sustainable pangasius industry in Vietnam.

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