To narrow gender gap in Vietnam

WVR - Gender equity in Vietnam has achieved positive results, practically integrated into social security policies, gradually narrowing the gender gap.
To narrow gender gap in Vietnam
Gender equity in Vietnam has achieved remarkable achievements. (Photo:

The gender equity index moves up 4 places

Việt Nam has climbed four places on World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Index 2022, from 87th among 144 countries to 83rd place out of 146 countries, in which, indicators of women's empowerment, health and education sectors have seen clear progress.

The spending for gender equity works continue to draw attention, put into arrangement and be integrated within National Target Program, gradually guarantee the source for implementation on taks of gender equity area.

Vietnam now ranks 60th in the world, 4th in Asia and it is the first nation in the The ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly in terms of the proportion of women participating in elected bodies; ranked 3rd in the ASEAN region and 47th among187 countries in the world participating in the ranking of gender equality in politics and management.

Currently, the ratio of female leaders and managers in Party and State agencies has been increased in quantity and especially in quality. The country is also in the top of 3 countries in terms of the rate of female National Assembly representatives and the rate of women participating in labor forces.

In the period of 2022-2023, Vietnam and the world steps into the recovery stage after Covid-19 pandemic with challenges in socio-economic development, deeply affected to livelihood of people, especially the disadvantaged group with women and children in particular. With the strong determination by Party and State, social security, women's rights and gender equality have made outstanding progress.

The proportion of female deputies to the 15th National Assembly reached 30.26%, 3.46% higher than the 14th National Assembly and the highest since the 5th National Assembly (currently ranked 62nd/190 countries); the rate of female wage workers is 48.3%. The rate of businesses owned by women reached 26.5%, contributing to Vietnam's progress index of women in businesses ranked 9th/ 58 countries; Vietnam was ranked 2nd of 6 Southeast Asian countries studied. Women in the Vietnamese armed forces participate effectively and responsibly in the United Nations peacekeeping force, etc.

After 12 years, Vietnam’s national strategy on gender equality period of 2011-2020 gained remarkable achievements, contributing to narrow down the gender gap in various areas, positively contributed to socio-economic development process of the country.

In addition to current achievements, gender gap in Vietnam still exists in various areas such as education, medical, etc. Especially, Covid-19 pandemic caused the ratio of female workers unemployment higher than the male workers.

Efforts needed to increase awareness of gender equality

Mr. Le Khanh Luong, Director General of Gender Equality Department, Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs said that gender equality works continue to receive attention and guidance from leaders of Party, State, National Assembly, Government and Prime Minister.

National Assembly is increasingly promoting the examination and integration of gender equality issues in proposals for the annual Law and Ordinance Development Program and in law and ordinance projects submitted to the National Assembly for approval.

Government has proactively and actively directed ministries, agencies and localities to implement strategies, programs on gender equality. Ministries, agencies and localities have built plans to implement the strategy.

The system of legal documents and policies continues to be improved towards ensuring the principle of gender equality. The National Assembly promotes the examination and integration of gender equality issues in the proposal for the annual Law and Ordinance Development Program and in the law and ordinance projects submitted to the National Assembly for approval, ensuring feasibility and clarify responsibilities and resources.

Many legal documents related to the gender equality area have been developed and amended, contributing to ensuring and promoting gender equality, preventing and responding to gender-based violence.

Prof. Dr. Huynh Van Son noted that gender equality in Vietnam has remarkable positive step. (Photo: MOET)
Prof. Dr. Huynh Van Son noted that gender equality in Vietnam has remarkable positive step. (Photo: MOET)

Sharing on this issue, Prof. Dr. Huynh Van Son, Principal of Ho Chi Minh City University of Education (HCMUE) said that gender equality implementation in Vietnam has remarkable steps. Women created effect and image inspiring positiveness in life. Gender equality and children issue have been integrated in a practical way, contributing to stabilizing life, ensuring social security and shortening the gender gap.

The 1946 Constitution stipulates that women have equal rights with men in all aspects. All Vietnamese citizens aged 18 and over, regardless of gender, have the right to vote.

In addition, the 2006 Gender Equality Law sets the goal of "Eliminating gender discrimination, creating equal opportunities for men and women in socio-economic development and human resource development, moving towards substantive gender equality between men and women and establishing and strengthening cooperative and supportive relationships between men and women in all areas of social and family life”.

Therefore, according to Prof. Huynh Van Son, it is necessary to guarantee the gender equality in works and income; creating maximum conditions for women to develop socio-economically. In this aspect, gender equality is based on exploiting gender strengths, recognizing the advantages and strengths of each gender and gender characteristics. Vietnam's strategy is expressed through many guidelines and policies of the Party and State, contributing to narrowing the gender gap in various fields, positively contributing to the process of socio-economic development.

However, women and girls are still weak and vulnerable to risks and need more equal opportunities. Specifically, the issues of gender bias and gender-based violence are still painful, and the rate of women being abused and subjected to violence is still very high.

"Vietnam has made efforts to increase awareness of gender equality, change attitudes and ideas about gender that are prejudiced in society; promote international cooperation in solving gender equality issues, especially is in disadvantaged groups and in strategic fields such as education, health care, and employment", Prof. Huynh Van Son said.

In general, gender equality has been integrated into social security policies in a many way, with significant improvements.

Prof. Huynh Van Son emphasized: "In the current period, adapting to the new context, Vietnam's socio-economic development strategy continues to determine the implementation of gender equality and the advancement of women, and ensure a reasonable gender balance is a goal in the country's development orientation".

Speaking at the 67th annual meeting of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) taking place in New York, USA from March 6-17, 2023, Ms. Bintang Puspayoga, Minister of Women's Empowerment and Children Protection Indonesia, ASEAN representative said that ASEAN welcomed the 67th annual meeting of CSW with the theme "Innovation and change in technology and education in the digital era to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls”.

Over the past 55 years, ASEAN has made outstanding progress and achievements. However, ASEAN countries continue to face difficulties with obstacles, including unbalanced impacts due to objective factors such as epidemics, natural disasters, and social changes. During the Covid-19 pandemic, many women face the risk of losing their jobs and reducing their income.

Facing with these challenges, ASEAN needs to strengthen close cooperation to enhance the role of women in peace, stability and sustainable development in the digital era.

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