The 'heart-touching' landscapes of Vietnam

Mother Nature has presented Vietnam with many scenic landscapes that are considered enchanting "paradise", like the magnets that attract tourists from everywhere.
The "heart-touching" landscapes of Vietnam
Ha Long Bay - World natural heritage recognized by UNESCO. (Source:

Ha Long Bay - Natural wonder of the world

Talking about scenic spots in the North of Vietnam, everyone has heard of Ha Long Bay, one of the 7 new natural wonders of the world and recognized by UNESCO as a world natural heritage. Located in the Northeast sea of ​​Vietnam, Ha Long Bay has thousands of majestic islands forming a massive complex.

Visitors to Ha Long Bay can also admire many other "wonders" with the unique and distinct beauty of the amazing limestone cave system that only exists here, such as Thien Cung cave, Sung Sot cave, Trinh Nu cave, Dau Go cave, Me Cung, Ti Top island, Ba Trai Dao beach, Bai Chay - the most beautiful coastal beach of the bay.

The "heart-touching" landscapes of Vietnam
Ban Gioc Waterfall in Cao Bang province, about 400 km from Hanoi. (Source: istock)

Ban Gioc Waterfall - beautiful scenery in the North

Located in Dam Thuy commune, Trung Khanh district, Cao Bang province, Ban Gioc waterfall is known as the most beautiful waterfall in Southeast Asia and the 4th largest waterfall in the world. Viewed from above, Ban Gioc waterfall is like a soft, white silk sheet winding between the immense green of the mountains and forests. This magnificent landscape make viewers stunned and overwhelmed by the majestic and fierce beauty amidst the deep green picture of the mountains and forests.

Every year, this waterfall in the northern border region of the country attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists to visit.

The "heart-touching" landscapes of Vietnam
The scenic beauty of the ancient capital Hue in Central Vietnam. (Source: arttravel)

The ancient capital of Hue is poetic and beautiful

Hue is famous for its ancient beauty and unique culture of the ancient capital. Hue tourist season is from November of the previous year to April of the following year, the best time is the first 3-4 months of the year. As the capital of the Nguyen lords of Dang Trong (Southern Vietnam), then the capital of the Tay Son dynasty and finally the Nguyen dynasty, Hue still retains many historical and cultural values ​​and traces of the feudal dynasty. ancient ants.

Hue has many must-see attractions such as the Citadel (Imperial Citadel) and relics in the Imperial City area; Tomb relics such as Gia Long tomb, Minh Mang tomb, Tu Duc tomb... and other landmarks such as Bach Dang ancient town, Chi Lang, Bao Vinh ancient town, and a scenic cruise on the Perfume River, to see the villages and lagoons...

The "heart-touching" landscapes of Vietnam
Dray Nur Waterfall in Dak Lak province is as majestic as a great wall. (Source: vntrip)

Majestic landscapes in the Central Highlands

The beautiful waterfalls are natural treasures bestowed on the Central Highlands. Falling from above, the waterfall releases white foam, creating vivid and majestic pictures. Each waterfall has its own beauty. Dray Nur Waterfall (Dak Lak) looks like a majestic wall with a rushing stream and water spray covering the entire river. Phu Cuong Waterfall is like a silk strip, weaving through the rocks between the mountains and forests of Gia Lai. Lieng Nung Waterfall (Dak Nong) pours from a high cliff through a mysterious cave entrance... With magnificent scenery, the waterfalls in the Central Highlands always attract tourists from everywhere to admire them.

The red basalt land of the Central Highlands brings together the majestic beauty of the Northwest region, as well as the peaceful beauty of the rural plains and its own romantic perspectives. Coming here, you can wander around exploring the mountains, forests, steppes, coffee hills, green tea hills, watching the vast rivers and lakes that reflex the poetic scenery... Some famous natural landscapes in the Central Highlands include Pleiku Great Lake, Chu Dang Ya volcano, Lak lake, Ta Dung lake...

The "heart-touching" landscapes of Vietnam
Cai Rang floating market in Can Tho. (Source:

The simplicity of the Southern river region

Anyone who visits the Southern Vietnam cannot help but visit the Southwest. Visitors will have opportunity to participate in countless unique, strange and memorable experiences such as shopping at Cai Rang floating market (in Can Tho City), watching Cai Luong theater performance, visiting hundreds of ancient pagodas...

Located on Xa No canal, in the Can Tho river region, Cai Rang floating market is known as the busiest floating market in the Southwest region. From 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., dozens of boats anchor close together on the river. The quietness in the early morning is broken by the sounds of buying and selling, chatting, singing... featuring the flavor of the Southwest.

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