TH Group provides nutritious products for children

TH Group organized a conference titled Nutritional formula products from fresh milk – golden nutrition for optimal development in Hanoi on August 6.

According to the results of the National Nutrition Census 2019-2020 deployed by the National Institute of Nutrition, the lack of micronutrients in children under five years old nationwide has become serious, with 58 per cent experiencing a zinc deficiency, 19.6 per cent suffering from a lack of blood, and a rate of stunting malnutrition of 19.6 per cent.

The rate of stunting malnutrition among children from 5-19 years old stands at 14.8 per cent. The prevalence of overweight and obese cases within the same age group increased from 8.5 per cent in 2010 to 19 per cent in 2020, of which up to 26.8 per cent live in urban areas.

TH Group provides nutritious products for children
The international conference featured in-depth analysis and nutritional solutions for children.

Although the height of Vietnamese youth has risen, currently standing at 168.1cm for males and 156.2cm for females, it remains lower than in many countries in the region and lower than the standards set by the World Health Organization.

Research by the Southeast Asian Nutrition Organization also shows that Vietnamese children's daily meals lack up to half of the vital micronutrients.

A lack of micro and other essential nutrients, or an unbalanced diet, can affect the health and development of children, especially in terms of resistance to disease, digestion, and brain development.

In addition to factors such as genetics, exercise, and living environment, proper nutrition in the first years of life plays an important role in improving the health, physical stature, and intelligence of future generations.

TH Group provides nutritious products for children
TH Group provides nutritious products for children.

The reports presented at the conference featured a comprehensive overview of golden nutrition for the comprehensive development of children. Experts shared research results on the nutritional status and trends, and the importance of formula-based nutrition for children. Their presentations also helped raise awareness about the role of nutrition in the development of children aged 0-12 years old, also known as the golden age group.

In addition to the traditional powdered formula products for children, TH Group introduced TH true FORMULA, which is considered a breakthrough new solution. It is a nutritional product made from fresh milk, which brings a golden source of nutrition to help children to develop.

TH true FORMULA is a nutritional source that is produced from a selection of raw milk sources from international standard farms and the relentless research efforts of the TH Institute of Nutrition and other prestigious nutritional organizations, which have created suitable formulas for comprehensive development during each stage of a child's life.

Scientific evidence has shown that about 54 per cent of children's maximum height is reached by the age of three, and 32 per cent of the maximum height is achieved at about 12 years old.

The period from 0-12 years old is the golden period that determines the maximum development of human stature, physical strength, and intelligence. TH true FORMULA brings nutritional solutions to help children develop comprehensively in terms of their brain, disease resistance, digestion, and nutrient absorption.

In addition, to meet Perse's needs and consumption habits, TH Group also launched a line of powdered nutritional products for children from 2-6 years old with milk ingredients sourced from Australia’s international standard farms.

The TH true FORMULA nutritional product set contains the main nutrients derived from nature, such as MFGM, DHA, ARA, HMO, FOS, and GOS, which have undergone stringent quality appraisals and met the national standard for formula-based nutritional products for children. The product is also in line with the world trend of infant-oriented formula-based nutrition.

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