Tam Chuc Vegetarian Cuisine Festival 2022: A gathering of three-region quintessence

'Vegetarian Food Festival' in Tam Chuc gathers a large number of vegetarian culinary artists from different regions.

A cultural and culinary activity took place at Tam Chuc Pagoda’s Spiritual Cultural Area. It is a part of the Tam Chuc Vegetarian Food Festival 2022 which brought together various regional culinary dishes.

In particular, special vegetarian dishes were offered to the Buddha, which were welcomed by a large number of tourists.

Tam Chuc Vegetarian Cuisine Festival 2022: A gathering of three-region quintessence
Tam Chuc Vegetarian Cuisine Festival 2022.

Vegetarianism has long become a unique traditional culture of Viet Nam. Nowadays, not only Buddhists but also many other people change their lifestyles to become vegans, improving their health and purifying their minds.

In Buddhism, not killing is always meant to create happiness and reduce karma. For a Buddhist monk, first of all, it aims to lower greed and desire in eating, get rid of the ego, repair themselves, and return to the humble simplicity of eating.

Viet Nam has an extremely rich and diverse vegetarian culinary culture. Each region, province and ethnic group has its own dishes with bold flavors and cultural imprints.

Under the direction of the Viet Nam Culinary Culture Association (VCCA) in the search for 100 Vietnamese culinary dishes, Tam Chuc Vegetarian Food Festival brings together various vegetarian culinary artists across the country, representing the vegetarian culinary culture of their hometown.

Notably, there were record holder, Vietnamese culinary culture artist Ho Dac Thieu Anh, Master - Vietnamese Tay Nung culinary artist Ly Thi Chien, culinary experts Nguyen Ho Tieu Anh, Pham Van Nghia who attended the festival.

The attractive, delicate vegetarian dishes created by artisans are offered to Buddha at Tam The Palace as a substitute for prayers and gratitude to people at the festival. Each vegetarian tray has its own message, flavors, installation and performance.

Dishes that represent five elements must be included in each tray: red for fire, yellow for earth, white for metal, black for water, and green for wood.

It will be a peaceful life if each dish has natural flavors, and makes life a part of the natural survival chain. Vegetarians, therefore, will gradually become nature-lovers who appreciate life and see themselves as a part of all things.

Tam Chuc Vegetarian Food Festival 2022 is a meaningful cultural activity that contributes to preserving, honoring and promoting the unique characteristics of Vietnamese cuisine in general and vegetarian cuisine in particular. Hopefully, this cultural event will continue to be held in the coming years, contributing to the development of Vietnamese cuisine and reaching out to the world.

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