State Audit Offices of Vietnam, Hungary intensify cooperation

A delegation of the State Audit Office of Vietnam (SAV) led by Deputy Auditor General Dang The Vinh visited and had bilateral working sessions with the State Audit Office of Hungary (SAO) from March 24-28.
State Audit Offices of Vietnam, Hungary intensify cooperation.
State Audit Offices of Vietnam, Hungary intensify cooperation.

Meeting SAO Vice Presidents Monika Karas and Csaba Szomolai, Vinh appreciated the effectiveness of the two agencies' cooperation, especially since they signed their collaboration agreement in 2008 and renewed it in January 2013.

He thanked the SAO for sending experts to Vietnam to give training and share experiences in state budget and health care system audits, and human resources management within the framework of a project funded by the Hungarian International Development Assistance for the 2009-2011 period, and for inviting and sponsoring for SAV representatives to travel to Hungary to attend seminars on enhancing integrity and transparency in the public sector (2014-2022).

He proposed the two sides further strengthen their cooperation in accordance with the needs and strengths of each side, consider re-signing the bilateral cooperation agreement, that expired in 2023, at a suitable time in 2025 when the two countries celebrate the 75th anniversary of establishment of their diplomatic relations.

The SAO Vice Presidents agreed with Vinh’s proposal regarding the agreement re-signing, and agreed to assign the two sides’ international cooperation departments to work on it.

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